Note 50 — Ships and modules

While powerful corporations capture locations and lead desperate attacks on enemy dreadnoughts, ordinary pilots continue traversing our universe, fight in PvP, complete missions and participate in tournaments.

We are always mindful of the fact that in our game, the main characters are such pilots — mercenaries. And today we want to talk a little bit about what we do for them. Very soon pilots can expect additions to ship branches and three new modules in stores.



New ships


Biomorphs, captured in heavy battles, allowed our scientists to create new methods of adapting the ships to new technologies. Development has started on a new line of experimental ships, and the first prototypes launched from the docks of the Empire and the Federation. Versions of the ships built with these technologies have slightly lower top speed, but have better survivability on the battlefield.


  • Callsign: Achilles
  • Side of conflict: Empire
  • Class: Fighter
  • Role: Gunship


The new attack aircraft was made ​​by the same team of scientists and technicians, who had previously worked on Phobos in industrial centers of the Warden Order. The latest data on the alien technology was used, which allowed to significantly strengthen the hull and shield, as well as to increase maximum power of the generator.

Unlike Phobos, Achilles has 4 active combat modules and a special combination of unique bonuses to hull and shield resistance.


  • Callsign: Hyena
  • Side of conflict: Federation
  • Class: Fighter
  • Role: Tackler


Federation Scientists put together the best of the rank 7 ships Silent Fox and Wolf. The new fighter was designed for experienced pilots, who can use the ship’s potential to the max. And the use of Alien tech allowed to further strengthen the ship’s defences.

The ship has four active modules and a set of additional bonuses.





In addition to new versions of ships, pilots will soon get new and unique modules. The possibility of manufacturing such modules appeared only after the analysis of all the materials received during the war with Aliens. And this despite the extremely difficult economic situation in the frontier sectors and political isolation from the central and metropolitan sectors!


"Extended Hull"

This module will be extremely useful to those who often traverse the attacked sectors. Federation initially created this module for the needs of their special units. And now as a monopolist it sells the module to mercenaries. Extended Hull can be installed in the hull slot. The main bonus is the cargo hold increase. Additionally, ships equipped with Extended Hull get additional hull strength increase in all game modes.

The module is available from the third tech level and can be installed on a ship of any role that has the corresponding slot.



This battle module is suited for recon interceptors. Starting with rank 8, scouts can use this module is to mislead the enemy. This will greatly increase survivability of a ship in combat. The main feature of the module is producing two illusions of the player's ship, whose durability is a bit lower than that of the main ship. The main objective of illusions is to distract the enemy. This will improve survivability of the pilot at the most crucial moments in battle.

The higher the module’s level, the longer the lifetime of the holograms gets.



"System Hack"

ECM interceptors can now use the module to hack various objects belonging to the opposing team, within a radius of one kilometer from the player.Thus ECMs can take control of drones, autonomous stations, microlocators.

The game universe has many objects that help players in battle. ECM is perfectly suited for cleaning the battlefield of such objects.

But power over various stations will not work for a long time. After a certain period of time, all the objects captured by System hack will self-destruct. The higher the module’s level, the more control time is given to the pilot.



Other important changes


In addition to new ships and modules we will also add new modules for corporate dreadnoughts. And dreadnoughts will be able to participate in battles for control over T4 locations that are also going to be available in the near future.

We also fixed significant technical problems and bugs. For example, displaying the names of locations with interface scaling and a bug where a group could not get into battle for location because of a pilot disconnecting. We will continue to improve the Beacon Capture gameplay. And all the pilots of the corporations involved in the ‘Arms Race’ will receive a special achievement.

We will continue to work further on new technologies and their performance in battle. Your opinion is especially important to us! Be sure to tell us about your impressions when the new items will be available!



Looking forward to your comments!


Star Conflict Team


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