Signal era

"A powerful electromagnetic wave covers the solar system. All radios on Earth register the signal — a digital stream that came with the wave. Because of its activity malfunctions occur in networking and communication tech. Soon, scientists say that the signal has an artificial, extraterrestrial origin. Despite all efforts, it can not be decrypted for many years. The world's leading laboratories can not even establish any patterns in the signals. Major corporations manufacturing electronics supply their equipment with expensive ‘jammers’." Reаd more


Galactic war era

"Fringe worlds are attacked by an unknown ship. After a while it becomes clear that the attackers are the descendants of the exiled Divide supporters (according to the official propaganda — "The Gone"), who call themselves Jericho.

They never negotiate. Captured Jericho are surprisingly resilient during questioning. The only discovery is that they are led by Bartle. This region of the galaxy is now called Bartle Sector, and this war goes down in history as The First War for the Bartle Sector (3479-3611)." Reаd more


Season 0 ‘Contact’, Year 4610

" During an anti-pirate raid in a remote sector, a small detachment of Federation Vanguard detects powerful energy signatures coming from a sector #1337. Vanguard intercepts a message: ‘Bartle Orders not to meddle. We found them, but staying inside is too dangerous.’ It Soon becomes clear that the sector is a battleground for the Empire’s regular reconnaissance fleet, a Jericho Mendes family fleet and a third, unknown party. The battle ends with the defeat and retreat of the Empire and Jericho. Soon the Empire issues a special decree, blocking access to the sector."  Reаd more


Season 1‘Invasion’, Year 4613-4615

"Since 4610, after the return of the Signal, it only intensified. Gradually, this activity began to significantly interfere with most technological systems. Warp jumps over long distances have always been a risky business. Now even travel to neighboring systems has become unsafe. Over the next few years, scientists manage to make Signal ‘jammers’ using old Earth blueprints, allowing to reduce the risk of travel. However, even with the jammers ships enter the warp gate but never appear on the other side. Where they appear instead — is not yet clear. Rumor has it that someone managed to come back." Reаd more


Season 2 ‘War’

"Alien attacks start in all worlds. Crystallid offensive fleets lead the charge. The first blow that landed on the outskirts, was only a combat reconnaissance. Soon after, attacks begin in the inner worlds as well. Some systems are destroyed, others are fiercely fighting. Civilians flee the attacked worlds in horror. Refugees tell of anomalies, huge alien ships and their deadly weapons." Reаd more


Season 3 ‘Ruins’

The Alien invasion ended in collapse of humanity. Despite all the efforts of the various factions and the heroic accomplishments of the United Mercenary Centre pilots, the catastrophe could not be avoided. Even in the face of powerful enemies, humanity did not join forces and fell, engulfed in strife. Reаd more

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