Mezza system

In times of Jericho's expansion into Pallas system, many ore-rich asteroids were detected in neighbouring systems. Development began almost immediately after the construction of the station ‘Mendes-IX’, and it continues to this day. In order to cope with the processing of large quantities of ore, an autonomous sorting facility was built in the fringe Mezza system.

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Troy system

Cold space expanses are hiding many mysteries, but only a few of them can attract attention of rulers of the most powerful organizations in the universe.

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Scheat system

Several years ago, during the start of invasion, a suspicious signature similar to Alien signals was detected in a cluster of asteroids in restricted sectors of Scheat system. Scouts on scene discovered fragments of a huge asteroid, which had been destroyed by an unknown force.

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Destroyed station

At the peak of ‘Iridium fever’ when corporations were sending research expeditions to all unexplored sectors and systems, an imperial scout probe discovered the ruins of ancient civilizations in the fringe system Corsa Triama.

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Procyon system

An Imperial proverb says ‘You seldom meet a Federate who doesn't trade with his enemies’. Station ‘New Eden’ was still under construction, and contraband and trade of stolen military resources were active in neighbouring systems.

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Kayeed system

In the times when the Empire didn't have a foothold in the nearby sector, Kayeed system was the main hub for pirates, gangsters and other riff-raff. It was here that they built small fuel stations, bars and casinos. This was the place for illegal transactions, weapon smuggling and drug trafficking.

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Olympus system

Olympus system was settled when the Federation expeditionary corps arrived on the government contract for ‘controlled systems expansion’. The infrastructure has grown rapidly, and with each year the system saw more factories and plants.

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Abandoned outpost

Haldon was discovered in the time of the first Precursor Sector expeditions. The system was virtually empty and did not deserve the attention, but a certain expedition discovered an abandoned outpost on the edge of the system.

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Alien's locations

Scientists still have not come to a consensus: whether this world is a different universe or an unexplored area of our own. In any case, artifacts obtained in battles with Aliens, do not give reason to doubt that this world is their home.

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Vega system

For decades this system has been a stronghold for pirates, who built a fortified base here. It attracts criminals from all over the sector, from organized crime groups to market pickpockets who come here to pay respects to beg protection from the pirate Baron ruling Fort Muerto.

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