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After we took all the ordered clone bodies out of the city, Hate ordered us to destroy the tracks. No one should have known about our assignment. No one should have known exactly what Hate looks like.

16 September 2019

The weekend begins! Time to prepare your fleet for new victories! 40% off Premium licenses for 30 and 90 days! Credit bonuses!

13 September 2019

We remind you that all corporations have the opportunity to declare war on other corporations and show who is stronger!

13 September 2019

Imperial engineers expanded the station in the location “Dreamland”. Now all mercenary ships are reinforced until the station is lost.

12 September 2019

An important update has been uploaded to the servers.

12 September 2019

The special offer is valid for a limited time and will end on September 12!

11 September 2019

Until September 12, you can purchase a special bundle Moon Pass “Return from the Stars” at a reduced price! When you purchase a pass during the Moon Race, you will automatically receive all the previously unlocked additional rewards!

10 September 2019

The tracking stations remaining from imperial times recorded the appearance of an anomaly on the outer boundary of the Hill sphere in the Ontregos system not long ago.

9 September 2019

Pilots, the weekend begins! Time to prepare your fleet for new victories! UMC offers all pilots a 50% discount on the Tai'kin starter pack and experience bonuses!

6 September 2019

The experimental destroyer, known among the mercenaries as “Wood louse”, often appears in the new location of the Open World “Dreamland”. Access to the location is possible through the gates from the location Station “Guardian-17”

5 September 2019


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