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Note 13 - Changes in patch 0.8.4

As many players have rightly pointed out on the forums, the previous update was a lull before some major changes in the game. Which ones? In this dev. blog entry we would like to tell you about the three major changes coming in 0.8.4.

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Note 12 - Sector Conquest

Today's entry is dedicated to sector conquest — each pilot can enter this type of battle and prove that his faction is the strongest!
But how can the pilots do that? Should they be alone, in a squad or perhaps even in a corporation to participate? Answers to these and to other questions can be found here!

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Note 10 - Ship roles in Star Conflict

One and a half month have passed since the introduction of roles, but we still notice that some players do not fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of their chosen role. In today's article we would like to tell you once again how we see the roles and show you some of their features.

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Note 11 - Tutorial contracts

In today's blog we are going to talk about the upcoming changes in pilot training procedures! That's right — soon the game will have a completely revamped tutorial and training contracts system!

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Note 9 - Hidden ship bonus parameters

In our game there are various bonuses for our ships, however not all of them are visable at the moment.

With this thread we want to explain you the not visable bonuses.

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Note 8 - New camera settings

In today's article we will try to tell you about the new game camera. The following questions frequently come up during various discussions: "Why did you do that?", "What were you thinking?", "What's going to happen to the camera now?"
We will try to answer these questions, and those who want to get the gist of it should just scroll through the article to the “Summary” line — there you will find all the short answers on this topic.

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Episode II - 2012 year results

Summing up 2012. OBT launch, the introduction of two new races and dozens of unique combat units, new PvP and PvE modes - a lot of interesting and promising innovations, and extensive development plans for the year 2013!

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Note 7 - Sweet Candy


From an early childhood we have learned to set up goals, achieve them and to be rewarded with "candy".

At first it was a simple "take away toys", "read me the word." Then the tasks became more difficult,  "do not fight with your class mates," "always make your homework." The older we got, the more difficult the tasks got, but the candy got sweeter.

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Note 6 - Some good news for corporations

Some of the corporations have already made several 10000 kills and grown bigger and stronger.

In order to support the corporations we will add new content for them from patch to patch, sometimes some little features and some times bigger features.

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Note 5 - Protecting the sector

Sector Protection mode will become not just another regime with other rules, but a starting point for the development of the storyline of the game.

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