Entry 99 — The war on Pirates

Pilots! We continue to share the latest changes that will appear on the game servers in the upcoming updates. Among them are new modes, maps, unique events and of course, new ships!

Today we will tell you about the war with Pirates.


UMC informs about the full-scale activation of pirate gangs led by the Enclave group! While all forces were mobilized for the war with aliens, pirates took a whole complex of Sci Tech structures and used them to increase their power!

Thanks to reliable sources, we learned that the Enclave openly recruits pilots, and a large part of mercenaries, as well as fighters from factions and corporations have joined their side! We strongly recommend that you do not believe the pirate propaganda and fight the new threat that looms over the civilian population!

Pirates will attempt to occupy more and more Open Space. Intelligence data showed that they have the resources to conquer the nearest locations.

All factions are preparing their dreadnoughts in order to give a worthy response to the Pirates' offensive. Whose side to fight on? It's up to you!


The wait is almost over! Stay tuned, and see you in space!


Looking forward to your comments!

Star Conflict Team

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