Content partnership

We would like to take an opportunity to invite videobloggers, streamers, and members of the press to work with us, and will offer support in the form of game bonuses and promotion on our official platforms depending on the frequency and popularity of your content about Star Conflict:

  • YouTube and Twitch channels with at least 1,500 followers – contact
  • Representatives of game-related (or other) publications – contact


Before contacting us, please note: To make sure we are able to handle your request in a timely manner, use the e-mail that is publicly connected to your YouTube, Twitch and other network accounts to contact us. For example, if you have a YouTube channel, your e-mail address must be visible to everyone in the "About" section of the channel.


Requirements for channels and available bonuses

For YouTube and Twitch channels with over 1,500 followers:

  • By request of the channel author, one Star Conflict pack “Galaxy Explorer” is provided.
  • If you publish three or more videos about Star Conflict on your channel, you will get the pack “Dead man’s chest”.


For YouTube channels with more than 10,000 followers and for Twitch channels with more than 5,000 followers:

  • By request of the channel author, a single promotional account containing all the ships available in the game with access to all of the game modes.
  • Please note that in order to avoid inflation and speculation on our in-game market, the functions for trading parts and exchanging blueprints are disabled on promotional accounts.
  • After publishing a video about Star Conflict on your channel, you can request additional packs to your personal account.


By sending a request and entering co-operation with Star Conflict, you accept the Guidelines for content creators as well as the End User License Agreement. Any breach of the above mentioned agreements in the past, present, or future, gives Targem Games the right to refuse and/or cancel the agreed cooperation with the content creator.

The content creator agrees to use the provided game content to create video materials (e.g. reviews) of Star Conflict.

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