Developer Blog. Entry 106 - Protazan

Pilots! We continue to share the latest changes that will appear on the game servers in the upcoming updates. Among them are new modes, events, and of course, ships!
Today we will tell you about the new Jericho frigate - Protazan!
Protazan is the newest ship of the Liu and Mendes families, created as a response to the strengthening of the New Empire and the Federation fleets. The excellent combination of weapons and defense systems makes this ship one of the best in the long-range frigates class.

The work on the project began in 4619 almost immediately after the first Relic prototypes were created. The new frigate was supposed to be a support ship for the new destroyer, but later its role was greatly expanded. In the first months, the work on the project went slowly. The lack of experience in the field of long-range ships was a factor. The engineers decided to invite the Liu Family to join the work on Protazan. With Liu’s arrival, the scientists received a huge amount of technical documentation on both the old frigates and new developments of individual nodes. The merging of the knowledge and production capacities of the two Families gave the project a new life. The frigate’s arsenal has been replenished with new torpedoes and weapons, which make Protazan capable of destroying any target. 

During the tests, a squad of several ships completely destroyed the defensive fleet of one of the cyber bases. Soon after, the shipyards received blueprints for Protazan’s mass production. Currently, Mendes’ trusted mercenaries can get a special version of the ship for testing. Family engineers carefully collect data from every battle, even the most insignificant one, and analyze it. The UMC is an indisputable assistant in this business.
Of course, like all ships of the highest ranks, this one has a number of distinctive features.
For example, an enhanced guided torpedo has not only increased damage compared to the ship’s predecessors, but also an enhanced acceleration system. This will significantly increase the torpedo’s speed to the detriment of control. By combining “normal” and accelerated modes, Protazan turns into a real “hunter”.

The ship’s unique weapon has the already familiar mechanics of projectile charging, but the weapon system is adjusted absolutely differently. For example, the uncharged projectiles are slower and can explode close to the target, with minor damage but a decent rate of fire. Charged ones reduce the rate of fire, but significantly increase the speed of the projectile, its damage, and, when hit, reduce the enemy’s damage resistance.
Protazan’s active module allows you to redirect the ship’s energy to reinforce weapons, significantly increasing the firing range. This bonus to distant fire is only possible if there is a constant flow of energy to the weapon systems, which are borrowed from the defense systems - when the module is active, the shield resistance will be reduced.
The ship will be obtainable during a special event, the details of which will be published later, or it can be purchased in DLC. At the end of the event, the parts of the ship can be purchased in the trade.

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