Developer Blog. Entry 109 - Kirishima

We continue to share the latest features that will appear on the game servers in the upcoming updates. Among them are new modes, events, and of course, ships!

New Ship - Kirishima

Soon all pilots will have access to the new ship Kirishima

The withdrawal of Jericho seriously weakened the remaining forces on the frontiers. Despite their huge production base, neither the Mendes family nor the Sentinels are able to quickly provide the army with a steady flow of new weapons that are much needed in the face of the coming war. Kirishima is the brainchild of the “remaining Jericho forces” agreement.

The work on the project has been underway since 4620. Completed developments of the individual units made it possible to significantly reduce the time required to develop the new fighter. The initiative came from the Sinto Corporation, which had preferred to keep a low profile for a long time. It also provided the initial blueprints for the project and the resources to produce the hulls of the fighters. The Mendes and Liu families accepted the offer almost immediately, taking up the development of new engines and avionics systems respectively. The Sentinels were the last to join the project, providing shipyards and weapons for Kirishima.

Kirishima fully represents Jericho’s new defence doctrine. Most of the new ships will be deployed for patrol duty and to defend outposts in important areas. The fighter’s objective is to stall enemy advances and provide cover for allied ships.

The unique feature of the ship is its ability to create a shield that surrounds your ship. However, contrary to the familiar mechanics, this special module will be able to absorb part of the damage received by nearby allies by redirecting the energy flows towards itself. 

The ship consumes energy for each source of additional damage, so the more damage you receive, the less protected your ship becomes, as the special module requires a charged power unit. 

But the ship can “charge” not only at the expense of its allies! Another unique Kirishima mechanic is the ability to massively drain enemy energy. This ship is truly fuelled by the surrounding energy! 

The ship’s unique weapon creates a special mine in the point of impact. It stays there for a few seconds and explodes when the enemy approaches. This unique mechanic allows you to place mines for short periods of time and do more damage by setting them up in advance. If a mine hits the enemy, it immediately detonates and deals damage.

You will be able to get this unique ship during the spring event “Way of the warrior”, dedicated to the Japanese culture. 

You don’t have to wait for long! Stay tuned!

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