Developer Blog. Entry 111 – UMC Archives: Survival


Pilots! We continue to share the latest features that will appear on the game servers in the upcoming updates. Among them are new modes, events, and of course, ships!

New event “UMC Archives: Survival”

Soon the next “UMC Archives” event will become available to all pilots. It will include a special battle pass, consisting of only one stage and lasting approximately one month. The event itself will run in parallel with the main “Ancient Instinct” Battle Pass and will end on November 27.

All pilots who complete the new event and unlock all 30 cells in it will receive a new Imperial command fighter “Hadrian”, as well as the modules and weapons of this ship, for free. And those who additionally buy pass packs will get additional bundles of resources, seed-chips and ammunition. You will be able to find them in the majority levels of the Battle pass. We will share more details about the contents of the levels with you during the start of the event.

New rank 17 ship “Hadrian”

With the start of the event, all pilots will have access to the new ship “Hadrian”.

The engineering bureau at the Lumen-4 shipyard has developed special “capillaries” based on Precursor artifacts in order to force iridium to circulate in the ship’s systems.

After passing all tests with flying colours, the new command attack fighter was given the serial name Hadrian and joined the service of the Holy Empire. The ship had its baptism of fire in a battle with biomorphs not far from the Solar system.

The ship will receive a unique weapon — the “Apotheosis-4” laser. The weapon fires an intermittent beam laser. When you hit an enemy, all allies near that enemy deal increased damage.

When activated, the ship’s active module “Gyrotron Aigul-65” grants additional EM damage to the projectiles of all allies.

The special module “Frontal reflecting shield” projects a shield in front of the ship that reflects projectiles back at the enemy. Doesn’t work on penetrating projectiles.

You don’t have to wait for long! Stay tuned!

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