Note 26 - Voice chat and New PvP map


In today's blog post we will tell you about some important changes that await you in the game this week!

For a start, we would like to tell you about the introduction of a new feature to the game, titled ‘Voice Chat’.

We are rolling out the first version of this system, which will be handy for those who play alone and do not participate in organized squads. This feature will be available in all of the game modes, you just need to enable it in the chat settings!

‘Voice Chat’ utilises Push-to-talk, that is, it will be necessary to hold down a button to activate it. By default, the button to activate voice communication is ‘Y’. However, you can always remap it in the "Key Binds" menu.

We think it is important to emphasize that the system is installed on the servers in test mode, so we encourage our pilots to leave their comments about it keeping this in mind!

In addition to the voice communication function, we also have a new PvP map ‘Iridium Strand’ waiting for our players. It's based on the design of the best map competition winner — Kyril (Secret Coal Mines). This map is based on the principles of symmetry — the starting conditions for the two teams are almost identical. Also, while creating the map, we were guided by the idea that pilots have to move as much as possible and have options for various tactical moves, so there's little space for camping.

Below you can see a brief video of a test flight!


Of course, exciting news do not end there: we have finalized the current rating system — in its previous version only a limited number of corporations was shown, but now, our pilots can find information for each of the corporations in the game!

In addition, this week you will see the expected completion of effectiveness gain calculation. Now, when you deal damage to an enemy while supporting allies, you will get the greatest efficiency multiplier.

This concludes today's article, if you have any questions about the described features — leave a comment on our forum!

Star Conflict team

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