Note 35 - Improved voice chat, updated leaderboards and other news


In today's post we want to tell you about our past and current lines of development!

As you may remember, some time ago we developed and launched in test mode a new feature called Voice Chat enabled in game settings menu. In time since the start, we have compiled all the feedback from pilots and statistics associated with this aspect of the game. On the basis of this information we made several revisions to voice communication!

At the request of our players we implemented the ability to mute pilots in your blacklist — so if someone bothers you with unnecessary comments, you can always add them to your blacklist directly in combat.

The next important improvement of voice chat is the ability to select the source — now you can choose the device that best suits you. In addition to selecting a device, the game can also adjust the volume for the selected microphone, and then you can check how well you will be heard.

And, of course, another important part of the update is the ability to adjust or mute game sounds when speaking. You can enable this feature and also tune how much it mutes sounds.

This is quite an important update for all of our players — now voice chat has a finished look. With it, players will be able to better coordinate their actions, and it is very important for us to get feedback regarding voice communication. Therefore, once the update goes live — take some time and try it out! And if you need some improvements, we are ready to discuss their implementation!

Next we want to talk about the system of weekly leaderboards, which was added to the game in the previous update. Some of our players said that with the settings that were present in the system at the time of launch, its work could be abused. In this update we have raised the bar for admission to the weekly leaderboards — now they only include pilots fighting in T4 battles and higher. This change is intended to make the ranking is more honest. As well s stimulate some of the players to move up the tier.
In addition to this update, we have added another thing: every player who gets into the top ten of the weekly leaderboards will now receive a unique achievement 'Cream of the Crop', emphasizing his skill in battle!

Now we are working on updating the Team Deathmatch mode for more variety of tactical decisions, we are experimenting with the addition of unique artifact amplifiers.

Thanks to adaptation of Precursor technology, mercenaries now have various amplifiers at their disposal that will be scattered throughout the battlefield and will give different bonuses to the whole team for some time!

We are very interested in your opinion of this feature so please share with us!

And of course, we continue talking to our players about the upcoming new mode and would like to show you a few characters that may appear in it:

In addition, we would like to tell you about the work on the interface of our Skirmish mode. Now pilots could get more information about each type of battles they may encounter. In addition to that, it also serves as unlock indicator for the modes. Moreover, you can now see the names of all the maps in this mode:

That's all for today, looking forward to your comments on our forum!

Star Conflict Team

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