Note 59 — Destroyers

We wish all our players a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas. We hope you enjoy the New Year holiday as much as we do. This year, all players in Star Conflict are in for new adventures, new assignments, and most importantly — very soon the game will get a new class of ships, called Destroyers.



All holidays we’re going to hold special events — holiday jobs from Miss Frost and corporation Klauss inc. It’s all going to kick off in the near future and adventures will continue until the middle of January. These are going to be special tasks in all game modes — PvP, PvE and Open Space. Battles on new maps. Daily tournaments. The end result of completing all of Frost’s task is the opportunity to immediately improve your fleet strength with the first Destroyers.


The first of the new ships are rank 8 Destroyers. To manufacture them, you will need to gather standard resources as well as a special new resource — neodium, which is only used to build destroyers.


Remember that the new ships are several times bigger than frigates, have unmatched firepower and new, unique abilities. Their emergence on the battlefield will change all the tactical schemes. Change the balance of forces. Reveal new heroes.



The most important features of the Destroyers are stable flight speed and huge firepower, while being covered by additional shields.


Some key elements, such as capacitors or engines, can be destroyed, which significantly reduces the power and mobility of the ship.


Destroyer can be equipped with various combat units. This allows the pilot to experiment with their combat tactics. Makes them formidable enemies of other ship classes at long range. Support your team with dense fire and special abilities. Active modules — are special tools that can be applied only on the side where the module is installed. They use not only missiles, but also lasers and spheres with significant dimensions.


One of the interesting active modules is the one which creates a so-called wormhole. It moves at high speed in the indicated direction. Repeat activation or the wormhole traversing a certain range makes the ship pass through the wormhole. This will allow the player to move quickly and unexpectedly across the location, away from dogfights with faster and more agile interceptors and fighters.


We will not disclose all the features of the new ship class in advance. So much new and interesting stuff is still ahead. Stay tuned, follow the news, play Star Conflict!



Looking forward to your comments!


Star Conflict Team


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