Note 62 — Star Conflict League: "Lucky dozen"

With the start of the first season a new era begins in the history of Star Conflict tournaments. Intense, dynamic fights, true excitement — the first play-offs promise to be interesting as ever. But, as usual, we are not going to show our hand from the start. The first season will be held in the new format, but the essence remains the same: the best 16 teams will participate in the Main Event — the playoffs of SC League.



Top 14 — First League

With the start of the first season, the teams will be divided into two Leagues: First League and Battle League. First League pilots are professionals in the world of Star Conflict, the best pilots and the most skilled teams. They will follow strict regulations and fight for huge rewards. Battle League is the starting point for each of the teams, a training ground for pilots. The rules here are less stringent, but so are the rewards.


Maximum size of the First League is fourteen teams (can be reduced at the start of the season) who are guaranteed to take part in the Main Event. The Battle League has an unlimited number of teams. Through the time left until the start of the first season, you have the opportunity to show your best side and get into the First League from the start. To do this, you need to:


  • Occupy a place from 1 to 14 in the current League table;
  • Have at least 1050 rating points.



The transition between the First League to the Battle League will be manual: in special battles top teams from the Battle League will fight outsiders from the First League for the coveted slot, access to the main event, the prize and the daily tasks.


At least two places in the play-offs will be distributed among the teams that have achieved the best results in the Battle League. The first season will traditionally go on for a few months, and only well-trained and persistent participants will be able to defeat their opponents from the top teams of the First League.


Daily tasks for League pilots

The lucky pilots who get to the big leagues, will have access to separate special daily tasks that will be much more valuable than the Battle League tasks. These tasks are for the best players — a difficult challenge that requires not only determination but also stress resistance. Only the most persistent can expect to win.


Automatic games

Ladder games will be carried out virtually the same way as in the test season. The format remains the same:


  • Number of players: 5 vs 5;
  • Mode: ‘Capture the Beacon’;
  • Acceptable ranks: 11-15;
  • Possible roles: Any;
  • Friendly fire: Disabled;
  • Self-damage: enabled.



Maximum team size will remain the same — 9 pilots but the number of substitutions for the First and Battle League is different. In addition, the First League has a number of restrictions on player transfers:


  • After leaving the team the player will not be able to join another First League team for 48 hours;
  • A player can join a First League team, only if he is already in that league.



These restrictions do not apply to Battle League.


The transition between the leagues will be manual, but teams can also meet in the ladder. Matchmaking works according to team rating and is not directly dependent on the place in a given league, that is, a team from the First league will be able to play against a team from Battle League.



We will also update League interface and introduce additional achievements.


Also, during the first season we will add the possibility for any pilot to take an indirect part in the life of SC Leagues: cheer for the favourite team, get a task from the best teams in the game universe with a good reward, participate in sweepstakes and get pleasant surprises in your hangar. And most importantly — make a tangible contribution to the prize pool.


Names of the teams who get in the First League with the start of the season will be determined in the next few weeks. We will keep you up to date and announce the date of rating fixation. Follow the news!



Looking forward to your comments!


Star Conflict Team


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