Note 64 — Premium ships rework continues

Restyling of pirate frigates Phoenix and Reaper was welcomed by our players. And the new crafting system for Premium ships has already proven itself, and gave all pilots the opportunity to collect the required items by playing their favorite game modes.


This time creative re-evaluation reaches Premium ships Palom, Kite-E, Ghost and Karud. With their looks significantly revamped, they will also get new unique modules and weapons. And the most important thing is that now these ships can not only be purchased, but also assembled from special components unique to each ship. The required resources can traditionally be found during ‘Trophy search’ phase after battles in PvP, PvE and Co-op. Thus, these Premium ships too can not only be bought as part of bundles and DLC, but also be assembled with you spending time and effort only on finding the required resources.


Premium ship Palom




The time has come to update ships of lower ranks. Rank 3 Jericho frigate Palom not only gets a new look, but also some exclusive weapons and a shield modifier.


The new weapon launches a special projectile that deals significant damage to the enemy. Upon hitting the target the projectile explodes. The new module increases shield resistance to all types of damage, and inflicts damage to all enemies within a certain radius.


Premium ship Kite-E




Federation Covert Ops Interceptor Kite-E moves to 5 rank in a new guise and in the company of two new modules. Capacitor modifier will accelerate reloading for missile slots and modules. A new active module can launch a special charge adhering to the enemy and dealing damage.


Premium ship Ghost




Another new addition to rank 5 — Imperial Fighter Ghost. The ship will receive a new exclusive weapon — lasers, with range increasing during firing. The new module projects an electromagnetic damage, generating a cloud of high-energy radiation, which eventually increases its size.


Premium ship Karud




The biggest upgrade is the rank 15 Jericho ECM Interceptor Karud. Now pilots can assemble an alternative special module for this ship. When it’s active, the target can not use the main weapons. If the target is trying to shoot, it receives significant thermal damage.


This special module can be assembled from components obtained for completing specific tasks in the game. Also, you can buy items in special containers-bundles. The new exclusive weapon uses the ship's reactor for direct energy generation and acceleration of plasma beams, which gives great results.


Also, the ship will have two new modules.The first increases shield resistance to thermal damage, and if the ship loses the shield, all enemies in a certain radius lose their ability to lock targets. The second module temporarily increases shield resistance to all types of damage.




In addition, pilots taking part in Ellydium Corporation’s projects can expect a new Alien weapon blueprint, this time for fighters. And the League system will receive a welcome update. Green and warm summer in Star Conflict continues!



Looking forward to your comments!


Star Conflict Team


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