Note 65 — Autumn plans

Indian summer is the perfect time for starting major changes in the world of Star Conflict. For the most impatient pilots UMC publishes hot news from the development process!


Not so long ago we bolstered a family of premium ships with three new models. Federation guard frigate Archelon, Federation gunship Stingray and Empire engineering frigate Brokk introduced special gameplay mechanics and a new crafting system, allowing their assembly with parts produced in the familiar game modes.



It's time to for more ships! In the near future we will introduce 3 more unique Premium ships, and today we will tell you a little bit about one of them.


Introducing the new Federation Recon interceptor.The ship's special weapon deals kinetic damage and highlights the current position of the enemy for all allies. A new passive module increases damage dealt at above-maximum speed. A new active module creates a drone masking allies within 750 m. for a certain time, and the drone can be destroyed or it can disable the masking, if an enemy enters the masked area.


The ship, as well as two others, will receive not only the standard special module for its class, but also a unique one. When activated, this special module makes the ship warp-jump for a small distance and disappear from the radars.Firing, launching missiles and using active modules will interrupt the operation of such a disguise.


All 3 ships can once again be assembled with the help of special components that are unique to each of them.Components can be found during ‘Trophy search’ after battles in PvP, PvE and Co-op, obtained for completing UMC missions within the ‘Star Marathon’ or bought in special container-bundles. The alternative special module is also assembled from original parts, which can be obtained as a reward for completing special tasks, or found in container-bundles.



The eagerly anticipated new destroyers will finally take their rightful place in the ship tree in the next update.Engineers are ready to demonstrate maximum power of their shipyards and present 3 amazing combat vessels.Each of them will be released in its own update.


The emergence of new destroyers could not take place without new modules specifically designed for ships of this class and having a unique effect. For example, the new active module produces a directed energy beam.All ships trapped in the beam are repelled in its direction, and the closer the target, the stronger the effect. The target's hull will lose strength every second. Another module deals damage to the enemy until his ship slows down. A new passive module increases time to destroyer weapons overheating, at speeds below the maximum.


However, first and foremost, pilots will be able to try out new special weapons for destroyers created by Ellydium corporation with Alien Technology.


And that is not all! Already in the nearest Star Conflict updates pilots will see a global faction loyalty system revamp. From now on, loyalty is automatically used to upgrade selected modules, rather than lying around the hangar. We are also
working revising the balance of ‘Sector Conquest’ mode in accordance with our plans. A little later mercenaries can try a brand new PvP game mode!


Pilots can expect the most interesting stuff by the New Year celebrations. A new major addition to Star Conflict will forever change the universe, and will bring a lot of fresh emotions to a familiar space mercenary life. You will be able to try on green colours very soon. Follow the news!



Looking forward to your comments!


Star Conflict Team


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