Note 66 — Improvements in module upgrade system

Last month we talked a little bit about the upcoming changes in weapon and module upgrade system. Demand for the details of these changes was so great that we decided to break down all the fine details of the upcoming update and to answer the most popular questions. The fresh special issue of our devblog will satisfy even the most curious pilots. Let's go!



How is the upgrade process going to work?

Upgrading will now be performed for loyalty vouchers and credits. First the pilot will need to select the module that he wants to upgrade, and activate it. The activated module is placed in the corresponding ship slot., the whole upgrade process will only take place there.



If the module is removed from the slot, the research process will stop. However, if you stop the research, your progress with the module will be saved and upgrading can be continued later. You can only research one module at a time.


Do I have to take modules into battle?

You do not have to take the ship with the module being researched into battle, you don't even have to put it into a combat slot. The process will continue in any case, even if the pilot flies completely different ships.


How do I earn faction loyalty?

All current methods of obtaining loyalty, such as trophy search after battle or in open space, participation in SCL and sending ships to war, will remain.

Upon activation you get access to all contracts of a hangar's given faction, and completing them will allow you to develop the selected module by earning loyalty.


The changes will affect faction contracts and the process of earning loyalty in battles:

  • Completing contracts
    While at the station, the player gets the opportunity to complete contracts of two factions in the current race hangar, with 1 contract available from each one. When one of the factions' contract is completed, the next one is available the next day. Loyalty for completed contracts is transferred to the pilot's account, and its size depends on the maximum player rank.

  • Loyalty vouchers in battle
    In order to earn loyalty in battles, you must activate module research on the ship. Yet you do not have to take this exact ship into battle. Reward size will depend on success or failure of the pilot's team, bonuses of the ship with the activated module, global loyalty voucher bonuses, and Premium license.


Do premium ships affect the amount of earned loyalty?

Yes. When flying on Premium ships, pilots will receive 20% more loyalty. This allows to upgrade new modules and weapons much faster.


Will it be possible to save up loyalty vouchers?

Yes. Loyalty vouchers can be saved and stored in the pilot's account. They are transferred to this account if no module is selected for research.


How does the new module upgrade system work?

With the accumulation of sufficient loyalty for a module, the pilot can increase Mk. level with credits. Thus it is possible to improve a module up to Mk.4. The final Mk.5 upgrade, if available, works as usual — in the workshop.

To accelerate research you can use the accumulated loyalty of the current factions. First the system uses the loyalty from a module, then the required loyalty of the appropriate factions.



The research process can be accelerated with GS. The cost of accelerated research will depend on the amount of loyalty already accumulated in the module. This way the pilot receives the next Mk. upgrade without spending credits.


What happens to upgrade kits?

During trophy search pilots can now get a Mk.1 level module. Mk.2 and Mk.4 kits will no longer be in the game.

The accumulated stock of Mk.2 kits can be disassembled into components in a workshop or just sold. Mk.4 can now only be disassembled into iridium, or also sold.


Iridium. How to get and where to spend it?

Remains of the Precursor culture, Iridium, is becoming one of the most important resources in Star Conflict. You can get iridium by salvaging Alien Artifacts found during trophy search. You can salvage trophies free or with GS, and you get more Iridium in the latter case. You can't put Artifacts into storage.

The most interesting part — soon you'll be able to exchange iridium for special containers with special items in the store! The first of these, UMC industrial container, will be available in the nearest update. Inside these containers you can find Mk.5 blueprints, modules with bonus to synergy and even ship components or rare resources.



As before, the Iridium is given as a reward for controlling locations in Sector Conquest and is spent on construction and improvement of Dreadnoughts


Why are the changes required?

These changes will make the upgrade system more intuitive, and pilots will be able to closely monitor their progress in Star Conflict, both micro-objectives and global aspirations. It will be possible to redistribute efforts to easily obtain the initial upgrade stages.  For example, Mk3 upgrades will become more affordable!


The upgrading process will be visible, and most importantly, it will become easier! Especially for rookie pilots.


Looking forward to your comments!


Star Conflict Team


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