Note 67 — 'Sector Conquest' Evolution

More than a year ago Sector Conquest mode saw the addition of Dreadnoughts and the most epic battles in Star Conflict universe. Star sectors are divided between the most powerful corporations. It is time to update the battle for control of the inhabited worlds. Today we want to talk about the upcoming evolution of global wars between corporations in the game.



The power of each corporation will now depend not only on its best wing, but on combined power of all their pilots and their ability to play as a team. Any corporation can claim ownership of star sectors.And the most powerful pilot teams of course will do their best to conquer the most valuable locations.


The new version of Sector Conquest will preserve the map of locations with regular time windows for battles.Corporation CEOs and VPs can build and move dreadnoughts to locations with a level not higher than that of the dreadnought at any time.




Each sector will have an owner and challenger corporations. For participation in battles corporations will earn influence. They accumulate in the location where the corporate dreadnought is located, and remain there when the dreadnought is moved to a different one.Influence points are earned in sector battles:


  • Depleted durability points of enemy deadnoughts. In this case, if the enemy dreadnought is completely destroyed, half the remaining durability points of the corporation's own dreadnought are also added to influence points.
  • Influence points are divided between players according to their total effectiveness in combat.
  • Influence points of players in wings and squads are added to the location with the corporate dreadnought of the wing or squad's leader.



If at the end of battles the owner corporation completely loses influence in the sector — it loses the sector itself.The challenger with the highest influence score in the location becomes the new owner. Corporations with a large number of active pilots will be able to participate in more battles, and thus successfully fight for the most profitable sectors.




Please note — corporations need to constantly maintain their influence level rating. Before the start of a new cycle of battles, influence of the owner and challenger is reduced, to a greater extent with the former.Inaction in the presence of at least one challenger will lead to the loss location in any case.Now, to get entrenched in a sector for a long time, you will have to work hard, because every day the impact of competing corporations increasingly affects the owner.In case of successful challenger actions in the location, the owner's influence will diminish quickly. However, the longer a corporation holds a sector, the greater the reward becomes.


To participate in dreadnought battles you need to get a ship of rank 7 or above, and click on ‘Conquest’ when battles become available.You can launch as part of a squad or a wing, as well as alone. The updated system will quickly organize a battle, preferring wings of corporations, whose dreadnoughts are in the same sector.


The long-awaited revamp of Sector Conquest is very close. The improvements in battle organization will make epic dreadnought battles more accessible, and the new system of influence in sectors will add pressure to the endless corporate war. It's time to to arm yourselves, mercenaries, the Galaxy is waiting for new conquests!



Looking forward to your comments!


Star Conflict Team


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