Note 68 — New Jericho Destroyer and Halloween

It has recently become a common occurrence to see a freshly-built Sirius destroyer proudly soaring through different sectors. Many pilots already mastered the flagship of the Federation and successfully use it in the vast universe of Star Conflict.




Jericho's time has come and the ship of Bartle's followers is already preparing to take its place in the UMC shipyards. It is called the ‘Tyrant’. It was created under the watchful eye of Oracles, as a counter to the imperial ‘Invincible’. The powerful destroyer was used in conjunction with low-tonnage vessels during raids on undefended colonies deep in the rear of the former ‘Direktorium’. Despite the age of the ship, most of its parameters are up to modern standards, and in some ways even surpass them.


The Jericho ship is characterized by increased resistance to damage and high power of weapons and modules in its class. ‘Tyrant’ can be equipped with unique modules, special modules and weapons, exclusive to the owners of the Jericho flagship:


  • Special module Warp-reflector.When the destroyer's shield takes damage, the module accumulates charge that can be spent on its activation. When the module is activated, the target enemy ship receives very high EM damage.
  • ‘Thermoactive weapon’ deals kinetic damage and increases critical hit chance as you fire it.The more the weapon overheats, the higher the chance of a critical hit.
  • New active module ‘Isotope Harvester’ will be especially interesting to those who rely on shields.When it is activated, a plasma energy sphere is generated at some distance in front of the ship. it starts moving towards the destroyer, inflicting damage to all enemies falling into it. Having reached the ship, it restores its shields. The greater the damage inflicted, the more shield energy will be regenerated.
  • The new passive modifier also affects shields.If a target is destroyed within a certain radius of the destroyer, part of its shield energy will be recovered.



Oracles are expected to hand blueprints over to UMC in true Jericho manner — on the eve of Halloween.Preparations for the start of Tyrant's mass production will take place in the mystical atmosphere of All Saints Day. Fanatics and cultists worshiping the Signal believe that on this day souls of the dead penetrate into our world. Rumour has it that hellish laughter can sometimes be even heard in hangars.


Our old friend Miranda Del Arte is already preparing for the next confrontation with Signal's Peak — the most disturbing time of the year.Bravest of the mercenaries will accompany her on a special, highly dangerous job. As a reward, the agent of the Inquisition offers valuable resources for production of destroyers.


The most desperate pilots armed with missiles ‘MEM Inquisitor’ will go on a ‘W.I.T.Ch. Hunt’ — an annual sector sweep dedicated to eradicating Alien infection.The best mercenaries will receive a special achievement and a special title!




In order to look authentic in the fight against evil spirits, UMC recommended to check out the store for a new container with a unique ship colouring scheme, and make sure to look at the sticker section — holiday novelties await! But don't forget — do not get complacent and always scan your surroundings! Anything can happen on Halloween...



Looking forward to your comments!


Star Conflict Team


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