Note 69 — Invasion History (Part Four)

It has been over two years since the start of the Alien Invasion into the human-inhabited worlds. A lot has happened in fringe sectors since then — the outskirts of the galaxy explored by mankind. The largest human organizations — the Empire, the Federation, and Jericho, almost lost their former influence and power. The dawn of private corporations has arrived. The largest and most significant of these was ‘Ellydium’, which manage to build its station ‘Ellydium Theta’ in Alien worlds and has developed its own line of ships, weapons and modules.

Today we want to tell all pilots about what is happening in the world of Star Conflict not only in the fringe sectors, but also in the metropolis. Unfortunately, the data from mankind's internal worlds is highly contradictory, and it is extremely difficult to see the full picture of the situation.


Post-war world

The war with Aliens was a serious test for humankind. No state or organization could survive it without changes. Neither the old nor the newly formed factions could control their territory. Systems were disconnected. The world plunged into a post-war chaos.

Surviving Aliens scurry everywhere, the number of systems occupied by them is unknown, while pirates, terrorists or desperate robbers can be encountered even far away from the former hubs of civilization.

The past portal storm only aggravates the situation. Systems without connection with the ‘mainland’, either descended into humanitarian catastrophes, or adapted to the autonomy. The War with Aliens did not unite mankind. Separatist sentiments are strong even in the once loyal systems.


And though the portal storm faded in some systems, the nature of this phenomenon is not fully understood. Some researchers believe that it only changes its shape, becoming more chaotic. And soon all of us will be lucky if the warp gates work at least once a year. Who knows — maybe this is just the calm before the real storm?


What really stopped the Aliens?

It remains an unresolved question: why Aliens possessing such advanced technology and significant firepower did not see their conquest out and destroy humanity?


It is unlikely that the desperate frontier mercenary attacks on Destroyers and Defilers caused serious damage to the Alien fleet and forced them to change their mind. The hubs of the three metropolitan zones certainly saw much bigger battles. And let the propaganda shout that humanity has managed to survive and even win, but in reality we can not boast of great victories. Aliens have not gone away, and can break away from the chains again at any moment. But it seems that having explored the galaxy and occupied the systems that they wanted, Aliens simply lost interest in us. And even ‘Ellydium’ corporation's bold invasion in their worlds went almost unpunished. What is it — truly Alien logic, or did the Invasion have other purpose than the destruction or capture of mankind?


Two Alien races

The key to solving this mystery may be the increasingly popular rumour that Aliens may not be a single race, but two rival civilizations. Biomorphs, whose named was wrongly used with all Aliens at the start of the Invasion, and Crystallids, the study of which has driven ‘Ellydium's’ success.

Perhaps these two races have common roots and a long history of confrontation, that mankind has been drawn into without even knowing it. How else do we explain the compatibility of technologies of these two races? Throughout the war Biomorphs were often seen fighting on the side of Crystallids or under their control.

The source of the rumour that Biomorphs and Crystallids are not the same thing, apparently, are the few survivors of battles that raged in capital sectors. These stories most often mention battles in the heart of the Empire — supposedly this is where battles between Biomorphs and Crystallids were the most violent and big. But there is no direct evidence yet.


What happened to the capitals?

Just as there is no accurate information about what is going on in the capital sectors of the three superpowers. And in the known galaxy as a whole.


Individual frontier factions and branches of large corporations periodically try to establish a connection with the ‘mainland’, but so far such contacts rather are local — with other such systems or factions, that have no idea about what is happening outside of their sphere of direct influence.


Lone couriers and scouts trying to pave the safest route to capital sectors either never return at all, or become sources of rumours that are very hard to believe.

A scout claimed that deep in Bartle Sector he never met a single living soul. But automatic Jericho stations worked properly: his ship was repaired, refuelled, and he even managed to sell the goods found in space.

The Empire is the source of troubling rumours about the Solar system blockaded by Aliens. Whether it's still guarded by Wardens or if the cradle of humanity is captured by Aliens — nobody knows. The fate of the Emperor is also unknown.

The least is known about what is happening in the Federation. Armada manages to react to Aliens' spatial failures, but pirates, portal storm and separatist sentiments make the journey through the Federation territory very dangerous.

Currently, security services of factions and the largest corporations are planning to send the first expeditions to hub worlds. We will acquaint all pilots with the results of such expeditions. If, of course, expedition ships can make it back to fringe sectors.


Looking forward to your comments!


Star Conflict Team


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