Note 71 — Tai'Kin, Trading System and New PvE

Very little time has passed since the beginning of the year, and Star Conflict universe has once again impressively transformed. Ellydium scientists change reality with the latest developments of alien technology, the fight between corporations for fringe sectors broke out with renewed vigor, and the most enterprising mercenaries are knee-deep in studying the trading system that finally became available to everyone. In this issue, we will examine what has been done, and have a little look into the future of Star Conflict.


Trading in the world of Star Conflict

With the introduction of the trading system, pilots can now sell each other rare goods, earning the authentic premium currency — Galactic Standards.They can be spent on paying for a premium account, purchasing premium ships, special containers and items from other players.Thus, you can even get unique ships and equipment that are now impossible to get in Star Conflict with conventional methods, such as Dart and Gargoyle.


With the current concept the trading system encourages communication between participants. In contrast to the auction model, there is always the opportunity to bargain with the seller directly. The seller, in turn, is not obliged to reduce the price below the market level to sell the goods quickly. Each decides what to sell to whom or from whom, and what to buy, and most importantly — at what price. Social skills and creative approach are the keys to success in the new economy.




At first glance the system seems simple enough, but technically it is implemented in a complex way. At one stage of development there was a need to introduce some restrictions on the availability of certain resources for production in storage. Do not worry — there is always the possibility to clear your storage by means of trade, thereby speeding up the process of creating the necessary weapons, modules or even ships. Something that may seem unnecessary to you is always useful to someone else. If at the time of updating the resource storage limit is exceeded, any excess will remain in stock and will patiently wait for the pilot to spend them, for example, to assemble the necessary components. The resources found while at the storage limit will not be added to storage and burn away, but that does not apply to those resources that are purchased with GS or as part of container-bundles.


Trading system enters the world of Star Conflict gradually, and we carefully monitor how it affects the game. In the future we're planning a major expansion of the list of available items and of the system's functionality. Even now the scope for successful transactions is huge.


Ellydium Recon — Tai'Kin

The latest development of Ellydium corporation, scout Tai'Kin, has recently successfully gone through mass testing. Thanks to pilot feedback and statistics we are already hard at work on its modernization.




A unique feature of the ship is its special module actively interacting with the space-time continuum. Tai'Kin is able to instantly teleport long distances, disappear from enemy radars and literally wind back the clock, recovering from injuries. You can learn more about the new modules and weaponry of the ship in the previews on our website.


Let's talk about improvements and upgrades. It's expected that the node tree will change: some nodes can change their location and cost. We will redesign and improve ‘Inhibitor crystal’, ‘Crystal destabilization’, ‘Emergency Stasis system’ and some others. ‘Emergency stasis system’, for example, is going to work even after the jump straight into an asteroid or other obstacle.


Together with the introduction of a new Ellydium scout to the world of Star Conflict, Jericho ships, and all tacklers will also receive the appropriate tweaks and will focus on countering the latest interceptor technologies.


Tai'kin production is presented in 2 stages: assembling the ship's cabin and its upgrading.Stages will begin at the same time and each of them will be accompanied by the relevant special tasks, allowing the pilot to concentrate on extracting the resources needed for crafting. Trade will play an important part in production. By selling components in excess, it will be possible to purchase the missing ones, and thus greatly help yourself and other mercenaries to achieve the goal.


New mission and Reworked PvE

Arthur Gage is ready to offer a new urgent contract! Blackwood Corporation has requested UMC assistance in protecting experimental shipyards under the control of the infamous AI ‘Ariadne’. This AI constantly gets out of control, but representatives of the corporation claim that this time their facilities were subjected to a massive attack from the outside. Exploration reports that the potential enemy are Cybers.




New mission ‘Ariadne's Thread’ is the first step on the way to reworking all PvE missions in the game. Special enemies can suddenly intervene in the course of the battle. Each new battle will be different from the previous one and will offer various additional targets that will provide more value as a reward.



Looking forward to your comments!


Star Conflict Team

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