Note 72 — Summer Evolution and Destroyers Return

On the verge of the hottest season of the year, Star Conflict team prepares a special summer menu for every taste. Starving for both innovations and classics — welcome to the table!


According to numerous requests — rank 14 destroyers are back! The flagship of the Federation ‘Sirius’ will very soon be available for production at all shipyards in the fringe sectors. The ship's unique special module ‘Attilla’ and its active modules and modifiers will also make a return.




As before, manufacturing the destroyer ‘Sirius’ will be available for a limited time, and later it will be replaced by the already familiar Jericho ‘Tyrant’ and the military machine of the Empire ‘Vigilant’. To build a rank 14 destroyer you need Neodium, Beryllium and, of course, a particularly valuable and unique material, Electrum. All resources can be obtained in post-battle trophy search on the ships of the following ranks:


  • Ranks 8-11 — a chance to get Neodium and Beryllium.
  • Rank 11 — increased chance of obtaining Beryllium.
  • Ranks 14-15 — a chance to receive Electrum.



The most important component for construction, Destroyer activators, can be obtained from our old acquaintance — the Broker. He will also help you replenish your Neodium reserves. But be careful — his assignments are available for a limited time! Note that all unique destroyer parts will eventually become available for trade.




The main dish is traditionally a surprise from Ellydium Corporation. The engineering frigate did not get its formidable name Waz'got for nothing. Its unique feature is that it actually ‘feeds’ on the remains of enemies and allied starships. Collecting parts among the debris, the ship will be able to use them to activate the special module. Crystal tech of the frigate can produce one charge independently, and additional ones will have to be found on the battlefield.


The engineer has a classic for its special module — drones. In its basic version, the ship produces drones that attack the enemy and repair the carrier's body for some of the damage done by the drones. When activated, one of the drones is consumed and converted into a rocket that rushes to its target. When the rocket blows up, nearby allies are repaired.


As is tradition, each version of the special module changes not only the functions, but also the ship's appearance. For example, one option is to send the drone to follow an ally, using up one part. The drone can heal or attack enemies, depending on the condition of the person to whom it was sent. For seconds: a set of unique active modules, modifiers and, of course, a special weapon for the engineer.


You can become a happy owner of the frigate Waz'got by building its cabin and taking part in special events for its upgrades. The freshly built ship can be developed in several stages: beginning with the 5th and junior ranks, to the highest and last — the 15th. Each stage will be accompanied by a set of special tasks, which can greatly simplify the process of upgrading a new frigate. Stay tuned!


For dessert, in the near future, we are preparing to thoroughly refresh the current version of hangar interface, and add a notice board to the trading functionality. Pilots will be able to leave their offers for sale or purchase and not worry about finding a potential partner for the transaction. Read more about these and other plans for the summer in the news and future developer blogs. Good luck in the battles, mercenaries, and see you in space!



Looking forward to your comments!


Star Conflict Team

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