Note 73 — A Look to the Future

The fight continues to intensify between factions and a new power in the market of advanced military technologies, the Ellydium corporation. This is the perfect moment for mercenaries to substantially increase the power of their fleet and extract the maximum benefit from the conflict.




The Empire's Next Move

Imperial engineers resume production of their best combat vessel, the rank 14 destroyer Vigilant.Components for building the pride of the imperial fleet have already been sent to the UMC. Resources and materials, as before, can be received as a reward for completing missions and extracted during post-battle trophy search.




Large-scale Fleet Upgrade

Recently, some Premium ships have been overhauled — from appearance to new modules and types of weapons. It is time for a massive upgrade not only for premium and unique ships, but also for conventional ships of the Empire, the Federation and Jericho.


Our global task is to make each ship truly unique, with an individual set of equipment, weapons or modules. Ships of lower ranks will resemble their older brothers in terms of characteristics, and get more modifier slots.


An important update is incoming for the crew system. Active implants in battles will correspond to the rank of battle, and not the ship.If you join a fight against rank 10 ships on a rank 9 Nukem I, the installed implant ‘Rapidus II’ (rank 10) will work.


The system of combat bonuses for ships of lower ranks will also change. For example, increasing damage will work not only with base weapons, but also with modules.


Next Generation Battles

Matchmaking system in the game continues to evolve. This time we decided to expand its functionality and offer something completely unique.




While you are engaged in tweaking the ship or trading in the hangar, the matchmaker will already be looking for a battle. As soon as the system picks an opponent for you, pressing the button ‘Battle’ will immediately launch your ships to meet him on different sides of the conflict in the battle. The system will create a new fight or will add you to an ongoing battle. All this will allow forming mass balanced battles on the go and, moreover, do it as quickly as possible!


At the same time, this is completely is optional, and, if desired, you can join battles the usual way. However, those who will use the system will be pleased with get an additional reward.


Join Test Pilots!

Every important innovation, especially associated with large-scale tweaks of faction fleets, will be presented on mass testing servers. Come and try your hand at the updated tech, share your opinion in the comments and contribute to the development of your favourite game.



Looking forward to your comments!


Star Conflict Team

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