Note 74 — The Time of Change

‘Centre announces the imminent release of the space action Star Conflict! Players can launch to conquer open space on September 4. Brave explorers will see a lot of new territories, where they can complete quests, rob commercial caravans, fight pirates and other players.’

These words accompanied Star Conflict before the long-awaited release version 3 years ago. Since then, thousands of pilots not only conquered the expanses of the fringe sectors, but also fought in large-scale battles of dreadnoughts, battled the Alien invasion and stormed the heights of shipbuilding and the latest technologies. Today we will traditionally sweep through time and see what awaits your favourite game in the near and not very near future.


Waz'Got, the most anticipated ship of Ellydium, has already made some noise this summer. But the best part lies ahead! At the highest rank all owners of the green engineer get a unique special module unlike anything else. The ship will be able to place a real combat platform on the battlefield, which will be able to repair allies and attack enemies. Seems like it's quite ordinary? The trick is that Waz'Got will be able to upgrade the station right on the battlefield. The upgrades themselves are selected on the spot and, depending on the situation, you can, for example, change weapons or hinder the enemy with slowing effects. The intriguing mass of possibilities is already under development! And do not forget that the first to touch the new technology will be the participants of mass testing, where we are happy to invite everyone.

Global Fleet Update

Good old ships, known as ‘silver ships’, were designed at the game's dawn of creation. It's time to shake off the dust from the aged tech and breathe new life into it! We want to give each ship unique abilities: active modules, modifiers or weapons. Managing an upgraded ship in combat must be an entirely new and unique experience.
Take a look at the iconic Wolf-M fighter . The ship will have an active module, allowing you to ‘jump’ like a scout to an enemy ship, and even to scramble your opponents' electronics when you exit the jump.The new shield modifier will increase shield resistance proportionally to the number of enemies around. A unique plasma cannon will deal additional damage to standing targets with critical hits. The fighter will become more mobile on the battlefield and will be able to aggressively use its attacking potential.
First of all, the most popular and beloved ships of the Federation, the Empire and Jericho will be updated. On ships of lower ranks, the number of modifiers will increase, which will reduce the difference in combat effectiveness with their higher-rank siblings. And an improved matchmaking system will increase the speed and quality of combat, especially when flying in squads and for novice pilots.

Open Space

It's time to share the long-awaited news about many players's favourite mode. Open space will once again offer pilots a feeling of being pioneers and leaders of the fate of the fringe sectors.
The development team carefully works on missions and the history of the universe. While travelling on the map, players will make their way further to more dangerous territories.The familiar world will change and the most desperate mercenaries will see new technologies, enemies and adventures in the world of Star Conflict. Details will come very soon! Follow the news, and see you in space!



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