Note 76 — Tackler Fighters Update


We continue our story about the global fleet update with unique equipment and abilities in Star Conflict. This time we will talk about tackler fighters. The ships of this role are focused on countering fast and maneuverable enemies.

Let's begin by tradition with ships of lower ranks. Rank 4 tackler Machete will acquire a new weapon, shooting missiles with a manual guidance system.They will follow the beam, which can be freely controlled and pointed at targets. And to make it go smoothly, the new shield modifier will reduce maneuverability of all enemies around you.


By activating the new active module, the Lynx-M ship at rank 3 will be able to remove invisibility from enemies in range and increase its projectile speed.

The Fox family will get an impressive set of new equipment.The active module at rank 5 will launch a combat drone capable of slowing the nearest enemy within range. An additional engine modifier will increase  turn speed depending on the number of opponents around you. The new electromagnetic gun will not only deal damage, but also reduce maneuverability of the target when hit.


The battle module for rank 6 Fox-M will project a energetic beam, dealing electromagnetic damage to enemies. At the same time, enemy interceptors will receive additional damage. A unique weapon of the ship will be a homing laser, which will consume energy ship when firing. It will be possible to destroy not only your own reserves of energy, but also those of the enemy. The new modifier burns the energy of the enemy, marked as a target, within range.

The senior model at rank 7, Silent Fox, will get a unique active module ‘Regrouping’.Its activation will ensure invisibility for radars and at the same time will restore the ship's hull. And the capacitor modifier will start emergency shield recharge when it is completely depleted.


The favorite rank 9 Federation fighter Hyena will receive a new active module ‘Slowing projector’.The ship will release a controlled beam that makes enemies completely lose speed when hit.

At rank 9, the Jericho tackler Katana AE will be able to tickle the enemy team's nerves with mines on the battlefield.The module ‘Mine network’ launches a container capable of installing a minefield at a distance. With a blast, the mine deals damage and slows the enemy ship.


Many of the new modules and modifiers are installed on models of higher ranks. For example, Lion Mk II will be able to use the energobeam, ‘Slowing projector’ and borrow a laser from Fox-M. Jericho Sword AE will try on new Katana AE equipment and a unique cannon from the ship Machete. Wolf Mk II and Tiger will receive modules from Lynx-M and Fox, respectively. We did not forget about Lance, Lance Bartle and Lion, whose pilots will also be able to mount not only a few new items listed above, but also new exclusive modules. Up-to-date hardware can also be equipped and on premium ships of the corresponding role.

Remember that the new modules and weapons will be available immediately when buying a ship. Pilots, who already have ships, will be able to easily get new items on their own: build them or find them in the game.

The start of global update of frigates, interceptors and fighters of the Star Conflict universe is scheduled for December. Stay tuned and see you in space!


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Star Conflict Team

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