Note 77 — The History of Modern Times


A transcript of the secret meeting of the top managers at Ellydium-Alpha has fallen into our hands. Today we would like to show you some excerpts from this very remarkable document.

Sokal: As I can see, today's topic is controversial for many of you.Almost all the invited employees are honouring the conference hall with their presence. Even the very busy ones from distant branches still found time to visit our humble abode.

Dimeni: Arlette, let's get closer to the topic.

Sokal: Today we have gathered all of you, senior management of the Ellydium company, to show you the report of our analysts.It turns out that we are not paying them a load of galactic standards for nothing. They are ready to provide us with extremely interesting data collected from all available sources. Please, Dr. Parks.

Parks: Ladies and gentlemen.We conducted significant analysis of the study of both open data and data received through secret channels. As a result, we are ready to present you with an updated political map of the galactic space available to us.

The news we received from the metropolis is sad. The old political structure of the world, stable for several hundred years, has fallen under the wave of the Alien invasion. The inner worlds are partially destroyed, partially unfit for life.


Surviving Aliens scurry everywhere, the number of systems occupied by them is unknown, while pirates, terrorists or desperate robbers can be encountered even far away from the former hubs of civilization. We did not fully understand the goal pursued by Aliens, having launched an attack on humanity. Moreover, the analysis of the obtained data tells us that the attack on humanity was carried out by several Alien species not connected in any way. And even hostile to each other.

The situation is particularly grim in the former Empire.Aliens, whom we call biomorphs, invaded the solar system and crushed the Wardens. The Emperor's fate is currently unknown, as well as what is happening now in the captured system. It is rumoured that some of the Wardens managed to evacuate with the Emperor to a secret shelter system and they were cut off by a portal storm, but there is no confirmation of this version.


During the war with the Aliens, the Federation was more exposed to attacks of so-called crystallids, which, with rare exceptions, were quite successfully defeated thanks to the Armada.

Formally, the power still belongs to the Council of the Alliance. De facto it belongs to corporations. The semblance of order is beneficial to everyone, because an alarmed consumer does not work well and does not buy well.

Pay special attention to organizations such as the Sargas Foundation, the Corporation Suncorp, upstarts from Sci-Tech Universal and the Hermes Block, who have breached all boundaries and are already engaged in slave trade!

It seems that all that is left of Jericho is the Mendes Family.The rest of the families left. At the same time, the remaining Jericho real estate on planets and orbits is managed by various kinds of AI. But this only emphasizes the lack of people. Attempts to question the AI to find out where and under what circumstances the entire Jericho race disappeared, did not yield any results.

Rare daredevils, who decided to be the first to look into the once-closed systems of Jericho, found out that some of the drifting cities still remained, but they were silent. Scanning these objects indicates a possible infection with the biomorph virus.


Particular attention should now be paid to the so-called Sentinels. Despite the fact that Techs disappeared along with Jericho, many objects under AI control remained in this race's sectors. They continue to act like a single faction and call themselves Sentinels. Their goals are not clear. But they actively engage with us and share technology.

Sokal: Thank you, doctor.Now let's move on to other important topics. Revenants. According to our data, their leaders have long been under the influence of biomorphs! We have to decide how we can better use this information...


Looking forward to your comments!

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