Note 78 — New ships


Congratulations to all pilots of the border sectors on the upcoming New Year and Christmas! We hope that you love New Year's holidays and gifts as much as we love them. In the new year in Star Conflict you will see new adventures, new assignments and, of course, new ships. Some of them are discussed in more detail in this issue of the developer's blog.


Wolfhound Federation gunship

The ship is equipped with his own special module. It releases several missile volleys when activated. At the same time, it increases rate of fire, energy regeneration, maximum speed, strafe speed and rotation. The active module ‘Weakness Analyzer’ increases the rate of fire of guns and raises damage to enemy ships with a damaged hull.Works on a locked target within the radius of the module.

The ‘Wounded Beast’ protocol modifies the ship's hull.With serious damage it increases speed, maneuverability, energy recovery and rate of fire. The gunship will receive an exclusive weapon - the blaster ‘Ignis’ , its projectiles hit enemies with EM damage and leave burning plasma clots.Enemies near such clots will also receive damage.


Imperial command fighter Granite


Special module ‘Archangel’ of the fighter temporarily increases main weapon fire range and cancels overheating. Active module ‘Anti-Sabotage 2.1’ will block any effect, aimed at disrupting control of the ship and imposed during the module's active period.But the remaining module active time is reduced.

Computer modifier ‘Satisfaction algorithm’ temporarily increases the rate of fire of allies if a friendly ship dies nearby.The unique EM-weapon prolongs the active time of the special module for each accurate shot at the enemy.It's best to fire with the activated special module, but each shot will waste energy of the ship.

Both fighters will appear in the game after the New Year holidays, but you can begin to complete tasks for their construction in the near future. Make sure to prepare, a few units of completely new tech are in development.


Unique Ship Object NY18


A new and unique guard frigate will be available in a separate branch in the hangar - ‘Unique Ships’.The pilot will be able to choose the ship's rank between 5 and the maximum. The control system of the ship is very unusual, the frigate will differ not only in its unique physics of flight, but also in its exotic appearance.

The Active module anti-missile system ‘Dome’ hacks the enemy missiles flying at the ship. At the same time, some of them will be redirected to the current locked target. Another module ‘Redeployment mechanism’ will be able to switch the frigate's position with the enemy visible on the radar.At the same time, active radar range will decrease. ‘Energy system destabilizer’ will block the ability to restore energy for opponents in the active area.

After activating the special module ‘Tactical shielding’, the ship itself and all allies within range will receive additional shields.In addition, the frigate's shield will be restored for each ally that has been affected by the special module.

The production process for Object NY18 will also be unique.When entering the game during New Year's holidays, pilots will receive a special container daily with the ship's parts. You don't have to login every day, but the most punctual mercenaries will be able to build the new frigate faster. The changes are just around the corner! Stay tuned and see you in space!


Looking forward to your comments!

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