Note 79 — New progress system and campaign

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all our pilots! The first part of the big winter update Star Conflict: Journey is already live. The global fleet revamp is in full swing, and in the near future players will have access to rank 16 and 17 ships with unique design and capabilities. In this year's final developer blog we'll talk about the main features of Journey — a new player progress system and a story campaign in open space.


New player progress system

All pilots — both beginners and experienced warriors, who thoroughly know all the features of the game, will constantly improve their rank. In this case, the rank will denote the overall level of progress in the game. A total of 25 ranks are planned. The player's rank rises after reaching a certain amount of experience. Experience can be obtained in the following ways:

  • For each new ship level.
  • Activating nodes in Ellydium ship tree.
  • For every upgrade.
  • For achievements.


Achieving each new rank gives the pilot additional opportunities — opens new modes, more powerful ships, weapons, modules. In addition, rank lets you easily understand who you see in the game, an ambitious rookie or a seasoned veteran. By raising his level the pilot will also have access to new locations in the ‘Open Space’ mode.

The new system will allow players to experiment more — the more unique modules and ships the pilot gets, the more opportunities he's going to have. You can't fail upgrading a ship or a module, each action will bring you precious experience. Having tried all available equipment, the pilot will be able to determine what he likes from the proposed range of possibilities and use his favourite tech more.


Campaign and Open Space mode


The main way to achieve new ranks will be the completion of special assignments from UMC. These tasks are united by a common plot and will tell your personal adventure story in the world of Star Conflict. As the tasks are completed, pilots will visit all the major sectors of the ‘Open Space’ mode.

The plot of the campaign begins right after Ellydium Corporation managed to force out the aliens from the zone where the Ellydium-Theta station is located.
It would seem that ‘Ellidium’ is at the peak of its success. But it is at this moment that the corporation sends a large-scale request to the UMC for urgent and high-paying work.

The UMC accepts the order and sends an advanced reconnaissance unit to the ‘Ellydium Theta’ base. As part of this reconnaissance unit, you are a high-class mercenary pilot. Adventures begin!


Two new locations will be available in ‘Open Space’ mode and in PvP-battles. 

In one of them, a group of treasure hunters discovered remains of a ship of a previously unknown race on a satellite of a gas giant. Currently, the location is occupied by the Ellydium fleet. The corporation built a whole city on the site of the old expedition base and is now engaged in study of the ship.

In another location, the expedition, also sponsored by Ellydium, studies the buildings of the ancient race found on the planet. The planet is not as simple as it looks. Not only that everything on it — both the flora and the fauna — is absolutely gigantic in size, something unknown shakes it from within.

The long-awaited update is expected after the New Year holidays. Stay tuned! See you in the New Year, mercenaries!


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