Note 80 — New technologies

A significant part of the big update Star Conflict: Journey is already on the game servers. The global fleet revamp is almost complete, and very soon players will have access to rank 16 and 17 ships with unique design and capabilities. We are going to discuss them in our spring Developer Blog.


Federation Covert Ops Interceptor ‘Spike’


The new interceptor will have a unique special module - an improved plasma web that accumulates a charge for each downed enemy.Each accumulated charge increases damage of the special module. Active module ‘Energy-Burning Mine’ burns the enemy's energy, and the CPU modifier ‘Maneuver co-processor’ significantly increases maneuverability when enabling active modules or a special module.


Jericho ECM Interceptor ‘Zhen’


When the special module ‘Virus attack’ is activated , it is better for opponents not to use active modules, so as not to lose speed and not be blinded.Active module ‘Engine controller hack’ will significantly complicate the enemy ship's maneuvering, forcibly turning on the afterburner and reducing its maneuverability, and the hull modifier ‘Emergency Hack System’ will make the ship invulonerable when its hull reaches critical condition and disrupt the work of the guns of all enemies who marked the ship as a target.


Jericho tackler ‘Singularity’


The second ship from Jericho will also surprise pilots with a couple of new features. Among them, the special module ‘Long Descent’, which provides the ship with long-term invisibility, while slowing down the recharging of modules.Active module ‘Trap Mine’ will not allow any enemy in range to escape, and the CPU modifier ‘Drone Booster’ will increase damage of all allied drones.


Imperial long-range frigate ‘Project 101’


The Empire will please the marksmen players with the special module ‘Synergetic disintegrator’.It looks very much like an ordinary disintegrator, but only at first glance, because its improved version increases damage after each hit, if you don't miss, and the CPU modifier ‘Disintegrator Booster’ will allow to shoot the special module more often.

The new active module ‘Sharpshooter’ will also boost the combat power of the new frigate: locking targets in a cone, it starts to accumulate a charge, and then launches missiles at the locked targets.


Also, as part of the global fleet revamp, recon interceptors and engineering frigates will also be updated. So, for example, the T-Rex ship will become the owner of the ‘Energy-compensating projectile’ — this is an active module that launches a grenade.At the point of explosion, there is an area where allies can restore shields, and enemy regeneration speed is reduced. Alligator-M will get the module ‘Explosive restoration’ — if you hit an enemy, nearby allies have their hulls restored.

Swarm will be able to run two holograms at once, with the help of the active module ‘Triumvirate Hologram’, and Black Bomber will be able create an ‘Energy anomaly’ that burns the shields of opponents that fall under its influence.

The changes are just around the corner! Stay tuned and see you in space!


Looking forward to your comments!

Star Conflict Team

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