Note 81 — New ships


Today we will continue to inform you about the latest faction prototypes — ships of the highest ranks.


Long-range Jericho Frigate ‘Executor’ (Rank 17)



The Council of Families rarely exhibits anger, but if you fall into disgrace, be prepared to see one of the executioners on your radars, and they will carry out the sentence. For people like these, progressive Jericho minds designed the ship Executor.

The ship is equipped with a modern special module, capable of launching a pilot-controlled missile. A special feature of the special module is that the pilot can separate the missile  into several target-seeking warheads with automatic guidance. 

The active modules perfectly complement the special module, making the Executor a truly serious opponent on the battlefield. One of them reduces the target's rate of fire and increases its module cooldown time when the missile hits, and the other protects the missile from missile defense systems and interference, while also boosting its damage. 

New ship can be assembled with the help of a special resource — ‘ship parts’

  • You are only going to need the original parts of the ship you want to build.
  • Ship parts can be obtained by completing tasks from the UMC.
  • Ship parts can be obtained in special container-bundles.
  • Bundles with ship parts can be purchased immediately by clicking on the ‘Buy’ button under the ship's icon.


Imperial ECM interceptor Dyrnwyn (Rank 17)



This parade ship was created even before the war with the Aliens, specially commissioned by the Templars, the organization that conducts all the ceremonies in the Empire. Designed to accompany VIPs. 

Equipped with a unique special module.When it is activated, the ship becomes invulnerable and invisible, generating a controlled hologram on the battlefield, which, when approaching the enemy ship, puts it into stasis.   

The active module establishes an ‘information barrier’ that blocks the enemy team from seeing the allied ships.
The unique plasma weapon applies a negative effect to the target on hit — if its host dies, the capacitors of the destroyed ship's nearest allies are discharged. It goes well with the CPU modifier, which reduces the recharge time of active modules, if an enemy ship with the main weapon debuff is destroyed within range.


You just have to wait a little bit longer! Follow the news, and see you in space!


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