Entry 83 — Frigate ‘Boremys’

Pilots! We are back with more information about the latest designs that will appear in the game in the future updates. Among them are: improved trading, new game modes, tweaks of existing modes and of course, new ships! Today we are going to tell you about a new ship — the Federation's guard frigate Boremys!

The war with Aliens ruined many companies of the former Federation, brought death and destruction to remote systems. But those who managed to stay afloat, got their hands on the projects of their broke competitors for next to nothing. For Sci-Tech Universal, a corporation that rose from the ashes of the war, one of such acquisitions was the project Boremys — an improved version of the guard frigate Archelon.

The revitalized project started off slow: there was a lack of parts for production, the ship's outdated software had no modern alternatives, and the team lacked qualified engineers. Many people simply fled from the fringe systems after the Invasion, and it turned out that there was nobody left around to finish Boremys. To avoid further financial losses, Sci-Tech contemplated abandoning the project. But help came from an unexpected ally.

By oversight, the blueprints of Boremys fell into the hands of a refugee engineer whose studies were cut short because of the war. He worked out the kinks in the schemes and proposed innovative solutions, while the problem with the lack of resources was solved by new investors, who were interested in the ambitious project. This is how project Boremys saw the light.

Boremys's advanced special module puts the ship into a particular state, where it cannot fire and use modules, while its resistance to all types of damage increases, and all incoming damage is converted into a shock wave damaging hostile ships.

The ship's thermal weapon has special aim assistance: if one of the projectiles hits the target, the remaining projectiles in the burst automatically home in on the target.

Boremys also possesses a unique modifier, that reduces module cooldown time, while slowing the ship each time the module is activated. And the frigate's active module can launch a projectile capable of pulling an enemy ship along with it.

The wait is almost over! Follow the news, and see you in space!


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