Entry 85 — Important game changes


The world of Star Conflict is constantly evolving, and lately there have been a lot of updates in the game. Today we would like to tell you about the work done. Throughout the year, we carefully studied all your feedback left on Steam, as well as on social networks and on the official forums. Many changes were made precisely because of the review analysis.

Let's look at the latest changes in the game and compare them with what the players wrote to us. For a reference point, let's focus on the review on Steam from the player ChaiZ. More than 300 users found her comments important. The review was last modified in February 2018. Let's see what has happened in the game since then.

Let's start with what's most important for the players. Containers for Galactic Standards were removed from the in-game store. Now all the resources for the construction of ships and the production of modules, modifiers and weapons are obtained only by playing the game. Galactic Standards themselves can be earned by completing quests, participating in Golden Tournaments, which take place on weekends, or simply playing PvP modes during Happy Hours.

If you want to speed up the process of obtaining the desired item or you have accumulated extra resources for production, use the updated trade bulletin board.

Just in case, we remind you what the bulletin board is:

  • On the bulletin board you can place item trade offers.
  • An ad stays on the board for at least 48 hours.
  • When placing an ad, the item is withdrawn from the seller.
  • The ad has a certain period of validity.
  • You do not have to be in the game to sell goods from the board.
  • If the goods are not purchased, they are returned to the seller.

Trade has been improved and is still being continuously improved. Now to sell an item, you can simply place it on the bulletin board and assign your price. Purchase of the desired item is carried out directly from the bulletin board. The number of clicks to complete the transaction is minimal!

The list of items available for trading has also been significantly expanded, and we do not plan to stop this expansion.

With the large New Year's update, “Star Conflict 1.5.0 Journey”, we started the global fleet revamp. The ships designed at the dawn of the game received the latest unique equipment and capabilities. Because of this, all ships available at the moment have their own unique mechanics, which makes each of them in demand in battles both in PvP and in PvE modes.

The update “Star Conflict 1.5.1 Journey” expanded the range of ship ranks available to all pilots: ships of ranks 16 and 17 appeared in the game.

Each high-rank ship has tech that is inaccessible to others, so they work great in any of the game modes.

We added new locations for fans of PvP modes (Base Huron, Terminal D), and for those who love Open Space (zone Excavation Site # 6, Zone PB42).

Players who prefer PvE scenarios were not ignored either: the new missions “Ariadne's thread” and “Attack on the Monolith” can be completed in multiple ways and bring a good profit to the pilots.

All pilots — both beginners and experienced aces, who know the details of the game thoroughly — have the ability to increase their access level. Progress through the levels occurs during the story campaign, covering a variety of game modes. Reaching a new level gives the pilot additional opportunities: it opens up new game modes, more powerful ships, weapons, modules.

In the latest updates we initiated global changes in the economy. We have removed the abundance of various currencies and resources, and the value of credits has increased. Now you can comfortably earn credits on premium ships that generate 50% more revenue. Players can obtain the premium ships themselves during special events by simply completing missions. Before purchasing a ship, you can test it in the “Test Drive” mode.

Many players liked the PvP mode “Beacon Capture”, but it was too complicated for rookies in Skirmish. Therefore, the game now has a separate gameplay — “Brawls”, which includes such modes as “Beacon capture”, “Survival”, “Combat recon” and “Spaceball”.

Each mode has special conditions and rules, and changes once a week. This allows you to rest from the standard PvP battles and PvE missions and try some new or rare modes.

There's still a lot of new and interesting content ahead. Stay tuned and see you in space!


Looking forward to your comments!

Star Conflict Team

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