Entry 86 — Fighter Pilgrim


Pilots! We continue to share the latest changes that will appear on the game servers in the upcoming updates. Among them are further changes in the economy, improvements for existing modes and of course, new ships! Today we will tell you about the new ship — the Jericho command fighter Pilgrim!

The inhabitants of Jericho made pilgrimages to the Monolith for centuries. Even the invasion and the ban on flights to this zone could not break this tradition. However, it became truly dangerous to travel even for short distances. Nevertheless, there were enough of those willing to put their lives at risk to get to the main shrine. Representatives of the more prosperous Jericho class risked money in order not to risk their heads. Their own. A new tradition appeared and quickly took root among the top Jericho Families. The patriarchs would only venture on a pilgrimage under the protection of mercenaries, who charged an incredible amount of credits for their services.

So a few years ago Pilgrim was constructed with the money of caring patrons. A model designed to protect pilgrims. In order to make flights in turbulent times for the galaxy, the ship was equipped with a camouflage generator and rapid-fire weapons, while a lot of effort was put into the shield system. Grateful patriarchs sometimes gave it as a gift to their most faithful servants for conscientious service.

Just recently, Pilgrim became available on the market. The reason for the sharply increased popularity of the ship was not a mass passion for pilgrimages. The model was appreciated by the UMC mercenaries who found a new use for it — in battles. In their hands, the ship turned out to have a much wider functionality than the designers had originally intended.


The modern special module of the Pilgrim allows the ship to land on the surface while activating turret defence mode, which increases the range and damage of the main weapon and projects an additional shield over the fighter 

The ship's kinetic weapon provokes an explosion if the target is destroyed immediately after it's hit with the main weapon.

You can also install a unique modifier on Pilgrim that increases the ship's speed, depending on the current shield durability. And the fighter's active module can launch a special rocket, which projects an invisibility field. All the ships inside it can not be detected, but they can not use the radar.

The wait is almost over! Stay tuned, and see you in space!


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