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The Journal

We've received the journal of UMC technician Ivan Kim, it contains information about the incident on Naberia, Ydra-system. Some details of this story are still hidden from us, however, we can't keep it in secret anymore. We strictly recommend you to read this story and formulate your own conclusions.

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Horrible meeting

"You want details? All right. I'll tell you everything as it happened. Me and Airut often take jobs just for the two of us. It's not like were best friends forever. But yeah, we spent lots and lots of time in station bars...

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Sudden attack

An insidious enemy surprised us and attacked our positions this morning! The pilots from border sectors reported about open portals in the systems of the Empire, Federation and Jericho. According to these reports — it's only the beginning. Aliens will intensify their onslaught.

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The Invasion's history (Part 1)

In the last days of 4614, the border sectors were suddenly attacked by Aliens. They were not just probing the defenses like in the Fall. No, the gloves were off.

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The Invasion's history: Dreadnoughts

As you may know from our previous developer blog posts, for us the game has become a fantastic interactive series, where the leading role is played by you — pilots and mercenaries.

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The Invasion's history (Part 2)

Today we are going to tell you how the Alien invasion started and what changes occurred in the game world. In the previous issue we stopped at the anticipation of a great war between the major races, who wanted to enjoy the treasures of a bygone supercivilization. The situation in the border sectors escalated. Fights between mercenaries grew fiercer by the hour.

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The Invasion's history (Part 3)

Today we continue to acquaint you with the plot detail. Earlier, we talked briefly about the main events in the game universe, which occurred during the open beta and the ‘First Season’. Today we want to share what’s going to happen next. After all, we are standing on the threshold of the ‘Second season’.

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Monolith has come alive

Monolith has come alive. Once again we are receiving messages from automated systems of the orbital city. Sensors show that the infection rate dropped to acceptable levels.

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"Destroyer" memo

Under previous agreements, the analytical department of Federation Fifth Fleet Main Intelligence Directorate brings to your attention the latest information on project "DSTR-0", the so-called Destroyer.

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Intercepted ‘Northstar’ message

We’re in shadow of a large planetoid and it looks like we’re here for a couple of hours. Doctor Pavlov is constantly adjusting the route. He says that everything’s dead around here.

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‘Northstar’ First day in orbit

Today marks the second week of our little adventure and the first day in orbit of planet № 046253. During the flight I’d decided to give it my own name, but changed my mind as soon as I saw it. It was truly terrible.

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‘Northstar’ Bion descent

We spent some time in radio silence mode. Quite a large cluster of Crystallids passed very close to us — they stretched in an emerald ribbon somewhere on the border of visibility, and then disappeared. If the navigator did not confirm my observations, I would have thought it was just a dream.

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‘Northstar’ Leviathan

Beacons installed. Pavlov has reached Leviathan. That’s what he calls the Alien structure inside the planet. I no longer show his reports to anyone. If the good doctor hasn’t gone mad and is telling the truth... it changes everything.

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‘Northstar’ Final Message

Dreadnought ‘Northstar’, Captain Robert Artego. We are in distress in Ydra sector, if our navigation systems are to be believed.

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Lady’s visit

Baron Rosso, 79 biological years old, married. Has children from his wives and numerous concubines. Rich. His main source of income is based on illegal practices in fringe sectors. Robbery, extortion, assassinations, drug trafficking, slavery, prostitution. Cruel. Extremely dangerous.

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One spring day

According to the ancient festive tradition, the Broker was greeting this morning in his quiet office on the station ‘Guardian-17’. The Broker had unremarkable offices at all major stations in restricted sectors. Usually, it was the standard cheap office room.

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Operation ‘Crystal Cuckoo’

Ellydium investigation results

Investigation of Ellydium corporation has not yielded any results. The corporation has a long history, but it only joined the ‘big stage’ after the signing of the quarantine zones memorandum.

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Operation ‘Crystal Cuckoo’ (Part 1)

If this letter reaches you, I was able to slightly lift the information barrier, hanging over Ellydium. Since I am a mere system administrator, nobody tells me what is happening here. This is probably why they’re not paying much attention to me. Scientists are a different story.

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Operation ‘Crystal Cuckoo’ (Part 2)

I am doing fine. My probation period ends soon. If all goes according to plan, I'll get a promotion. It's great, right?

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Operation ‘Crystal Cuckoo’ (Part 3)

Thanks for the information about Yusuf's family. He was very pleased to hear that they are back in the inner worlds after that terrible Jericho attack, and that the Federation has started to pay them increased benefits!

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Summer’s Gambit

Secret ship pursuit

Nyx is a tech level 3 ship. Some technology I ‘borrowed’ from Jericho, something I inherited from a modified Jericho interceptor ‘Karud’. All the insides of the ship are based on external tech. Special experimental modules that provide an additional advantage in combat and long-range raids are included with the ship.

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Who are you, miss Summer?

Mercenaries! I remind you that you have one last chance to get the latest ship ‘Nyx’ for completing my tasks. It’s a limited-time offer. Only the pilots who manage to finish all the jobs will get access to the ship!

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New cryptograms

I inform you that as part of the task set by Security Council we investigated samples of the new ship ‘Nyx’ and new types of weapons allegedly designed for this and other ships at the object ‘Plant’. As a result of studying prototypes and documents available to us after the assault we obtained the following information.

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Summer's Gambit (Part 1)

Looking through the windshield Henry Twenty-One watched the Universe die. If someone else stood beside him, that someone would have probably  said to him: ‘Forget this nonsense, the Universe is fine’. Indeed, judging by the view from the cockpit, it was impossible to say that something was wrong.

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Summer's Gambit (Part 2)

It was about five... yes, five years ago. Back then I was still in UMC, taking part in beacon hunt. Federation scientists were moving their equipment to Troy. Imperial command decided that it was probably some kind of weapon prohibited by the Trilateral Pact. We were hired to provide navigation, the other guys were there to stop us.

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Summer's Gambit (Part 3)

A figure in a pressurized suit is leaning over Henry. The smuggler found himself lying on a medical gurney. The man above him was fiddling with the straps on Henry’s left hand, but his right hand was still free. There was no time for reflection: the gradually returning sense of hearing was disturbed by the roar of sirens.

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