XXXV century. Return of Jericho

Fringe worlds are attacked by an unknown ship. After a while it becomes clear that the attackers are the descendants of the exiled Divide supporters (according to the official propaganda — "The Gone"), who call themselves Jericho.

They never negotiate. Captured Jericho are surprisingly resilient during questioning. The only discovery is that they are led by Bartle. This region of the galaxy is now called Bartle Sector, and this war goes down in history as The First War for the Bartle Sector (3479-3611).


XXXVI century. The formation of the Empire

Jericho greatly advanced in terms of technology and found their place in the struggle for survival. The inner Direktorium enemy is also awakening — the Revenant Order. They provide valuable intelligence to Jericho. Direktorium loses one world after another. The army grows discontent. Many agree that Jericho can be pushed back, but the government is somehow slow to counter-attack. In 3570, the so-called purity Revolt happens under the flags of the 4th Separate Brigade. A group of military conspirators overrules Direktorium power and forms EMG (emergency military government). One of the generals is appointed Commander in Chief. In the face of a dangerous enemy in the form of Jericho Direktorium members have to resign in order to avoid a civil war. EMG mobilizes all available forces — military factories and shipyards are nationalized, taxes are raised dramatically, death penalty for desertion or even retreat is introduced. Media tacitly accept a centralized program of propaganda. A response to the brutality of Jericho is twice the cruelty. With the huge losses the war is turned around. Jericho are finally dealt a decent blow, and they have to retreat.

Commander revokes the state of emergency and immediately announces the formation of the Empire. He himself, renouncing his own name, becomes the Emperor.

Despite the victory over Jericho, the Empire does not develop success. The reason, oddly enough, is excessive bureaucratization of the Executive Assembly of the Emperor.


XXXVII — XL centuries. Rise of the free worlds against the Empire

Empire policies breed strong discontent among the population of some of the worlds.

A new wave of civil disobedience exponentially rises after the execution of several former executives of Direktorium. According to the media — a plot against the Emperor is being developed. Inner worlds executed with the help of the military loyalists raise a rebellion. There is a mass desertion — whole military units, along with ships are taking the side of the rebels.

The Empire is trying to firmly put down the rebellion, but does not achieve immediate success.

By order of the Emperor the Solar System is blocked by special military units, that later formed the Warden Order. The objectives of the Order are to protect the solar system and the Emperor himself.

Gradually, the rebels unite a number of star systems. They are joined by some of the outlying worlds that do not want to be resource fringes of the Empire. Part of the rich worlds of the inner ring, trying to relieve the heavy tax burden and gain administrative autonomy, also support the rebellion against the Empire — openly and in secret.

In XL century an alliance is formed, which calls itself the Federation of Free Worlds. The group's most influential merchants, aristocrats and politicians form the Federation Council.

Military power of the Empire, being an order of magnitude higher than the rebel forces, forces them to resort to guerrilla war. In turn, the emissaries of the Federation develop active propaganda in the population centers of imperial worlds. That often turns out to be successful and leads to strikes, riots and uprisings.

Year 3979: realizing the direct threat of the protest, the Empire comes to an agreement with the Federation on the recognition of its legitimate formation.


XLII century. Third War for Bartle Sector

Empire once again turns its gaze on Bartle Sector and initiates a large-scale military campaign against Jericho, known as the Third War for Bartle Sector.

The campaign is not successful: Jericho are back on their feet after the fatal retreat five centuries ago. Their closed caste of tech fanatics without the usual morality, is able to create stunning models of weapons. There are reports on the participation of Revenants in the process. In direct opposition Jericho ships are far superior to imperial. Only sheer numbers allows Empire to hold the position. Jericho travel on the giant wandering bases (which they inherited from their ancestors, banished from the Earth on the ark-prisons) appear in different systems of the Empire, causing sudden and serious blows.

Empire leaves Bartle Sector and focuses on the protection of their territories.


XLIV century. The collapse of Jericho

Constant Jericho raids, attacking all systems indiscriminately are forcing the Federation and the Empire to retaliate and cause an unexpected blow to the heart of the Gone civilization. A specially formed Vanguard, which included the elite fighters of the Free Worlds, performs a flawless operation aimed at eliminating Bartle himself.

Taking advantage of the attack, Revenants (who have become a Jericho Family), betray their patrons. The reasons for this action are unknown, and the consequences — catastrophic.

The result of these events is the death of the Oracles (ruling on behalf of Bartle) and the destruction of the internal Jericho communications network — the neural network. Their social structure is literally torn to pieces — many drifting cities that used to be havens for huge family clans, cease to operate under a single command, obey a single will. Scattered Jericho armies are spontaneously formed attacking the Empire and the Federation with little care. But more and more voices are calling for peace among Jericho society.

Federation diplomats, acting methodically and purposefully convince senior Jericho families deter others in attacks on other worlds. In effect, the Federation becomes, a trading intermediary between the Empire and Jericho.


XLIV — XLVI centuries. A fragile peace

Jericho Family Council is formed. Rare raids of Jericho renegades are condemned at official level. Provocative underground activities of the Federation on some Empire planets continue. Empire, in turn, spreads influence to new, undeveloped systems while maintaining a high level of internal control.

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