Spaсeship modules

[ Weaponry ] Includes basic types of primary weapons that can be chosen and then installed in each weaponry slot of the ship: laser, energy, kinetic.

[ Rocket Compartment ] Features of the system determine how many and what types of missiles the ship can carry.

[ Shunting Engines ] Auxiliary engines that stabilize the ship in space and provide maneuverability. On most ships they work automatically and don’t require pilots attention to them.

[ Shield Generator] Generates a power field that serves as a barrier between the surrounding space and the ship's hull.

[ CPU ] Artificial intelligence system meant to analyze the combat situation, it also synchronizes the operation of all other spacecraft systems.

[ Main Module ] Defining feature of every class of spaceships. It specifies a unique type of behavior appropriate for a certain class only. It can’t be uninstalled from the ship since it’s deeply integrated with the ship's hull.

[ Primary Combat Modules ] Systems that enhance the ship, determine what role it will play on the battlefield. Require pilots to maintain and control them.


[ Hull ] The structure of the ship, which determines its appearance and durability, as well as what other systems can be installed on it.

[ Energy Plant ] As the heart of the ship it generates energy for all weapons, modules, deflector shields and engines.

[ EA Emitters ] Specially designed both for locating and trackng enemy spacecrafts on significant distancies, these electronic attack devices also serve for disabling enemy beacons.

[ Boosters ] The main engine of the ship, it has very low dependence on energy plant capabilities.

[ Afterburning Engines ] Auxiliary engines that can providesignificant acceleration; they are extremely energy-intensive.

[ Secondary Combat Modules ] Additional systems that improve parameters of player’s spacecraft. They work independently and should never distract pilot’s attention.

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