Galactic Standards

Star Conflict is a free dynamic MMO action game, letting you sit at the helm of a starship and take part in battles of space mercenaries! After completing the training, all players can become pilots of powerful spaceships!

Ability, tactical wit and coordinated team play will help any pilot reach the most advanced ships and equipment without spending a dime. However, small investments will help make the game more enjoyable. With ‘Galactic Standards’ — a special currency that can be purchased for real money, your progress will be easier and more comfortable.

Premium License

A Premium License is an essential tool on your way to glory! It helps beginners master their ships, while seasoned veterans can reach prototypes of advanced weapons sooner!

This license helps pilots receive greater rewards:

  • +50% to credits gain

Premium license also makes all pilots eligible for greater rewards for battles — Fleet Command remembers its best pilots!

  • +50% to loyalty voucher gain

Leaders of all factions support pilots with premium licenses, because they are sure of their reliability! Pilots receive more vouchers for contracts!

  • +50% to synergy gain

Pilot with Premium Licenses quickly master new ships, due to increased synergy gain in battle.

What is synergy? This experience of piloting a ship that mercenaries get in battle!

  • Two additional trophy search attempts after battle

When the battle ends, the pilots with premium licenses have two additional trophy search attempts ​​— this means that the chances of getting new and unique equipment become higher!

Credits exchange

When you want to buy a ship of the next technological level, you need to take part in a few battles, and then you can spend the rewards on buying the ship. However, if you have enough synergy with the previous ship and everything is ready for the transition, but lack the credits, you can make everything easier — exchange some Galactic Standards for credits!

Synergy transfer

Ships with maximum synergy acquire the ‘Elite’ status and bring their pilot twice as much regular and free synergy. Also, synergy received from Elite ships can be used for the development of other ships. To do this, you have to transfer the accumulated synergy into free synergy. You can use ‘Galactic Standards’ for this.

Premium Ammunition and Additional Devices

Special Ammunition and Additional Devices give our pilots the opportunity to increase their synergy gain in the battles and get more trophies — the firmware gives pilots a noticeable increase in synergy and loyalty voucher gain, while the special probes simplify trophy search after battles, and the special ammunition provides more synergy for each downed opponent!

Premium ships

Premium ships bring their pilots more credits and synergy. Moreover, they do not require maintenance and have a maximum level of synergy when you purchase them!However, these advantages are offset by these ships being somewhat inferior to the standard the ships of the same technological level with maximum synergy. Yet, experienced pilots will be able to win on these ships too, especially as the matchmaker uses special rules with them (-2 rating).

Advantages of premium ships:

  • unique ships sold with maximum synergy;
  • ‘elite’ status (the ship immediately brings the pilot more synergy);
  • more credits for each battle;
  • more synergy for each battle;
  • unique design;
  • does not need repairs.


  • Premium ships are primarily used to gain experience on a particular technological level, while defeats on these ships will help you find the best tactics for standard ships.
  • To maximise credits and synergy gain, you need to focus on the most effective actions — being a team player and completing basic combat tasks.

NOTE: Using premium ships does not guarantee victory in battle, it only provides you with the bonuses mentioned above.

Ship appearance

Appearance of all ships in the game can be modified according to the pilot’s preferences.

Additionally, pilots can add different decals to their ships, to emphasize theiruniqueness!

Fourth combat slot

Every pilot can take up to four ships into battle. Tactical situations are different, and may demand various ships for particular situations. In addition, the fourth slot allows you to move in several directions simultaneously during development. However, the fourth ship slot becomes available only to the most famous mercenaries with twelfth rank ship mastery! However, if a pilot wants to accelerate his development and get this slot sooner, he can open access to it using ‘Galactic Standards’.

Creating and expanding corporations

In a special mode ‘Sector Conquest’ hundreds of players fight for control of the Precursor Sector. Each mercenary can create his own corporation to prove that him and his squadmates are the strongest mercenaries in Star Conflict!

To invite more players to the corporation, its leader can always increase the maximum roster size using ‘Galactic Standards’, moreover, the CEO can always create a specific tag — a postscript that will always be visible to other pilots in combat.

Artifact extraction

After winning the battle, pilots can find unique upgrade kits that allow equipment and weapon modifications. However, if you do not need the upgrade kit, you can always extract Precursor artifacts from it, and then use them to upgrade any module.

You can extract the artifacts on your own, or with the help of professionals working for ‘Galactic Standards’ — when you resort to their assistance, you get more artifacts.

Pilot callsign change

Pilot can always change thei callsign in the game, if they so desire. First change of the callsign is absolutely free, but further operations require the use of ‘Galactic Standards’.


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