The empire was destroyed after the solar system was captured by biomorphs. Former humans infected with the mysterious Liu-virus who became a single organism with their ships. Their horde simply crushed the strength of Wardens. The fate of the Emperor is unknown, but it is said that some of the Wardens managed to evacuate with him to a secret refuge system. However, if the Emperor is alive, why are there no orders from him? Armies of the Empire, once an invincible military machine, are fragmented. Desertion and betrayal are everywhere. only a few remain faithful to the old Empire.

The Federation managed to survive, despite all the attacks of Crystallids. Having lost relatively few worlds, Armada managed to protect the domestic sectors of the Federation. However, taking advantage of the military situation and the general chaos, corporations took over. Formally, the Alliance Council still rules. But only formally. The semblance of order is beneficial to everyone, because an alarmed consumer does not work well and does not buy well.

Jericho suffered the least damage in the war with aliens. Fervent faith and the latest technology protected the Gone from trouble. But one day they simply vanished. No one knows what happened and why, but Jericho disappeared. It seems that all that is left of Jericho is the Mendes family and only a few representatives of other families.

But Jericho is not just the people. The remaining stations, ships and even cities of Jericho are governed by perfect artificial intelligence systems.

The most striking example are the Sentinels, — the automatic systems remaining from the Jericho faction of Technologists. Their goals are not clear. But they engage in contact and in rare cases share technology.

Years have passed since the latest large-scale alien attack. There are separate skirmishes with Crystallids and biomorphs here and there. The two alien races even attack each other. But for the most part they concentrated their forces in their worlds. As if waiting for something. It's like a calm before the storm.

Pirates, marauders and deserters are now a much bigger threat. There is no centralized power and no one to uphold the law. And even those who are trying to establish order in the sectors, are faced with the fact that they are not alone, and everyone has their own order.

The old political structure fell. The world will never be the same.

Only a new Star Conflict lies ahead.

Star Conflict Heroes is a mobile action RPG set in the universe of the online action game Star Conflict.
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