2062. Signal emergence

A powerful electromagnetic wave covers the solar system. All radios on Earth register the signal — a digital stream that came with the wave. Because of its activity malfunctions occur in networking and communication tech. Soon, scientists say that the signal has an artificial, extraterrestrial origin. Despite all efforts, it can not be decrypted for many years. The world's leading laboratories can not even establish any patterns in the signals. Major corporations manufacturing electronics supply their equipment with expensive ‘jammers’.

After ten years signal becomes a part of everyday life for many. Of course, it leaves a powerful imprint on the world culture. It’s a theme for documentaries and even feature films. Sometimes self-proclaimed visionaries claim they decoded signal. As a rule, they are ignored.

In society there are new philosophical and religious movements. The beginnings of a new faith are gradually formed — faith in the signal. Its supporters believe in the need to reach the Divide — the limit beyond which humanity meets gods. In many ways, this is the reason for the start of a new era of space exploration.


End of the XXI century — XXII century. Exploration of the solar system. XXVI century. Fall of the Frontier

There comes a time of technological stagnation. Except for minor  pushes, progress is almost standing still. None of the modern technology can overcome significant cosmic distances and break out of the solar system. To solve this problem, humanity begins construction of the so-called ‘Frontier’ on Earth’s orbit — a giant booster complex used to enable travel to distant worlds.

During the test run it fails, which turns into a disaster. The complex is destroyed, severely affecting the Earth's surface. This event is followed by a social and economic crisis. There is a split in society. Faith in the signal starts to turn extremist. Its followers accuse ‘unbelievers’ of sabotaging the Frontier, and those accuse ‘fanatics’ of everything. A troubled era starts. Earth becomes the epicenter of multiple conflicts.


XXVII century. Religious war

Control of the government of the Earth over the colonies is slowly weakening. The struggle against separatism turns into a series of civil wars. Riots occur on Earth.The backbone of the rebels is formed by the so-called ‘Divide’ fanatics. This extremist organization soon became the main church of believers in the signal. It’s headed by a self-proclaimed messiah — Bartle. Little is known about his personality. It is alleged that he is a scientist who has managed to decipher the signal and hear the words ‘Find us’. Official media reject this version and Bartle is called an ‘ordinary terrorist’.

In any case, Bartle has a remarkable mind and incomparable gift of persuasion. He manages to competently organize and direct the rebels, turning them from a chaotic swarm into a united powerful force. In several years, Frontier gains a multibillion army of followers.

The threat posed by fanatics becomes obvious. Sides are joining forces to form Direktorium. The new special structure is endowed with special powers to combat the Divide throughout the solar system.

An exhausting war begins. Direktorium manages to win at a significant cost. Bartle is in hiding. The Government divides the citizens on religious grounds, repressions begin. However, eradicating faith from people's minds is impossible. Year 2780 sees the adoption of the ‘Divide Decree’. Bartle followers are exiled to the depths of space. Imprisoned fanatics build giant arks. Many Divide followers surrender to authorities and voluntarily agree to participate in the project. Soon a huge fleet leaves the solar system and its radio comms go silent.


XXXI — XXXII centuries. Direktorium prospers

Direktorium eventually turns into a new world government; the civilization that adopted the same name, is thriving. Technology progress is moving in stages at increased pace. New terraforming tech proves effective — the solar system is densely populated. They also allow to neutralize the effects of the Frontier disaster.

The few remaining Divide followers in the solar system continue to conduct terrorist activities and are harassed. After a series of high-profile murders committed by a group of fanatics, they receive a nickname ‘Revenants’ from the media. The caught killers are so densely packed with cyber-implants that they are like zombies. Soon the Revenants form some sort of a secret organization, the Order. They decide to spread the word of Bartle, while hiding in the shadows. The conspirators find their nickname to be fitting. Revenants are spirits of vengeance, the ghost of destroyed and decapitated Divide, which aims to repay its killer — Direktorium.

In 3046, the signal disappears as suddenly as it appeared at the time.

There is a breakthrough in travel technology. Mankind builds the first experimental warp devices, although they are extremely cumbersome. Frontier project is reanimated. The new plan is considered to be less adventurous than the former: It was decided to build several massive complexes that provide travel between the planets of the solar system.


XXXIII — beginning of the XXXV century. Start of space expansion

Warp systems are becoming more efficient. Mankind goes to the stars, actively settling nearby systems.

Detection of primitive forms of life on other planets leads to rapid development of biology and, as a consequence, medicine (particularly implantology and neurochemistry). Mass production of plants capable of creating completely identical clones begins.

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