Deal of the Day: 50% off Stingray ship components!11 April 2018

It's time to improve your fleet strength! Lucas Horn from the station ‘New Eden’ reports that his friends have once again arrived in fringe sectors — the independent traders from the cruiser ‘Scotland’.

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Panorama of ‘Ontregos Pass’10 April 2018

After the discovery of iridium in Ontregos sector, the miners began to survey the remaining asteroid clusters near the station ‘Guardian-17’.

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Synergy transfer bonus!9 April 2018

Special weekly offer! Time to prepare the fleet for new victories!

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Weekend with Star Conflict!6 April 2018

Pilots, the weekend is starting! Time to prepare the fleet for new victories! We advise pilots to use all possibilities to prepare for the rank 16 ships!

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Xenochips withdrawal6 April 2018

Attention, pilots! In the near future, on April 9, xenochips will be removed from the accounts of all mercenaries.

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Developer blog has been updated5 April 2018

A significant part of the big update Star Conflict: Journey is already on the game servers. The global fleet revamp is almost complete, and very soon players will have access to rank 16 and 17 ships with unique design and capabilities.

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Deal of the Day! 50% off Nightingale ship components4 April 2018

The special offer is valid for a limited time and will end at 5 AM UTC on April 5!

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Star Conflict update 1.5.1 ‘Journey’ poll3 April 2018

It's time for a spring poll! Share with us your vision of the game and the major update Star Conflict 1.5.1 Journey.

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Panorama of ‘Iridium Mines’2 April 2018

Here you can find the only mobile processing station in the sector that survived after the war with the Aliens. Imperial Command sent its best engineers for the construction of mines and processing stations in this zone, and in just 6 months the mining began. 

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Weekend with Star Conflict!30 March 2018

50% off elite destroyer parts and the container ‘Xeno Expert’!  Credit bonuses!

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