Future predictions11 January 2018

A Jericho Artificial intelligence has developed a special tool that allows you to predict the future

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Awakening. Part IV. Reality10 January 2018

It is not a man. You saw what it did to others. You saw it rip out the steel door. It is not a man. Kill him. Save yourself. You can not hide — it will find you. No! You will not escape — it will catch you. Kill him.

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[Holiday Special] 50% off Xeno Expert container. Bonuses to synergy and credits!9 January 2018

Pilots! UMC continues the holiday special marathon.

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[Weekend Special] 50% off rare destroyer parts container. Synergy bonuses continue!7 January 2018

Pilots! Holidays continue! UMC announces a new holiday event.

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[Weekend Special] 50% off Contraband Container. Synergy bonuses!5 January 2018

Pilots! Holidays continue! UMC announces an additional holiday event. 

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Fighting against aliens in Leviathan sector4 January 2018

Ellydium dispatcher : Attention to all pilots.We are detecting heightened alien activity. The danger of flights in the zone ‘Leviathan’ is increased to orange level.

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New festive wallpapers!3 January 2018

We prepared new festive wallpapers inspired by the latest update. Legendary ships, epic battles and breathtaking views of Star Conflict universe are already here to decorate your desktop!

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Golden battles and a special Broker task! The final stage.2 January 2018

From January 2 to January 8, you can take part in the final stage of Golden Battles

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Be the first to get the resources for new rank 16 ships2 January 2018

Ships of ranks 16 and 17 will become available very soon. From now, all pilots will have the opportunity to prepare for their coming! 

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Special weekly offer! Holiday synergy bonuses!2 January 2018

Attention, pilots! Holidays continue! UMC wishes all pilots a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas!

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