It's time to reward those who managed to get to the top rankings in Spaceball.

11 August 2020

Pilots! The bundle “Star Conflict: Thar'Ga. Deluxe Version” is available once again at the project's official store. The bundle will be available for a limited time until August 17 00-00 UTC.

11 August 2020

"I'm… I don't know what you're… But, um… But based on your story… I'd forgive her, she probably needed it. It's embarrassing to ask… I guess…", — said Ben in a trembling voice.

10 August 2020

All mercenaries can test their forces in special modes — brawls. Each brawl has different special conditions and rules.

10 August 2020

Pilots, the weekend begins! Time to prepare your fleet for new victories! UMC offers all pilots a 50% discount on the Tai'kin starter pack!

7 August 2020

Now, for each victory in PvP mode from 16:00 MSK on Monday until 04: 00 MSK on Tuesday and from 16:00 MSK on Thursday until 04:00 MSK on Friday, players will get Galactic Standards!

6 August 2020

Only today, August 5, we offer a 30% discount on Archelon components! They can be purchased directly from the ship tree.

5 August 2020

The first open Spaceball tournament will take place from July 9 to August 9. All pilots who participated in the tournament will appear on the leaderboard.

4 August 2020

"Anne! I'll give you everything, take whatever you want, take… — the officer begged twitching on his knees, his eyes darting around the room — Take the ship. It's yours! Take the armour, but don't shoot."

3 August 2020

Pilots, the weekend begins! Time to prepare your fleet for new victories! 50% off 30-day Premium License bundles! Credit bonuses!

31 July 2020


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