Weekend with Star Conflict!15 February 2019

Pilots, the weekend begins! Time to prepare your fleet for new victories! 30% off Karud ship components! Credit bonuses!

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PvE mission “Processing Rig” marathon! 15 February 2019

All mercenaries who can successfully complete the PvE mission “Processing rig” at the highest level of difficulty* recorded by the UMC engineers on February 18 will receive 1,000 monocrystals

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Deadly Sector Conquest battles continue!14 February 2019

Deadly battles continue!

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Special rewards for the special operation “Return to Eden”14 February 2019

The head of Ellydium corporation's security service Arlette Sokal announces an additional reward for the best mercenaries participating in the special operation “Return to Eden”.

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New DLC with rank 8 destroyers14 February 2019

We continue releasing bundles with destroyers. This time you will get bundles with the ships Invincible, Procyon and Archon.

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Happy Valentine's Day!14 February 2019

Pilots, the Star Conflict team wishes you a happy holiday — Valentine's Day! May happiness, love and luck always help you in battle!

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Star Conflict 1.6.1 Return to Eden14 February 2019

The UMC, on behalf of Ellydium, announces a special contract for the protection of a special scientific expedition to all mercenaries. The contract is valid for groups of 10 to 12 pilots. The pilots' task is to cover the Dreadnought “Defiant”!

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Deal of Saint Valentine's Day! 30% off Brokk ship components13 February 2019

The special offer is valid for a limited time and will end on February 14!

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Weapons of victory: “Geyser”12 February 2019

New ships are ready for battle right away. One of their main arguments is the powerful “Geyser” gun firing short bursts.

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Heartbreaking space romance!11 February 2019

We'd like to show you an interactive love story between a Jericho girl and an Imperial mercenary. Prepare your handkerchiefs to wipe the tears of emotion. Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!

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