Ellydium investigation results


Cryptogram NN00-542134
From: Private detective agency ‘Maslow’
To: mercenary_centre@star_conflict
Sent: Tuesday, May 31
Subject: Ellydium


Investigation of Ellydium corporation has not yielded any results.
The corporation has a long history, but it only joined the ‘big stage’ after the signing of the quarantine zones memorandum. Ellydium bought stations and planetary bases abandoned during the invasion. Many of them then ‘miraculously’ passed into the hands of the Cartel.


The corporation is managed by the Thorne family. To be precise — Alexis Thorne. She is the CEO, senior engineer and majority shareholder at the same time. Her participation in the Cartel is undeniable, but my agents failed to retrieve concrete evidence supporting this. While Baron Rosso is hiding his head in the sand, we won’t be able to discover anything new.


Investigation of black market trade with individual Jericho families (Mendes) also failed. Either Ellydium is clean (which I doubt), or they cover their tracks well. Strangely, the corporation keeps well away from conflicts. What we see now is not normal for them. Ever since the old Earth (yes, the corporation is that old!) they maintain neutrality in any conflict. According to archival records they’ve never had a single military contract. What they are doing now... they never engaged in that before. Where they got these technologies — is an open question.


Regards the old Earth. Our friends from the Inquisition are in no hurry to share information. We’re going to have to dig some more.


From open sources we could only establish that Ellydium is engaged in civil shipbuilding, and after the uprising of the inner worlds they joined the Federation.
We assumed a connection with Revenants, but it was a red herring. It seems that these fanatics are not very fond of Ellydium themselves.


That's all we know at the moment.


However, Crystal Cuckoo has already made ​​its nest. We’re going to hear from her soon. Await further reports.

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