Operation ‘Crystal Cuckoo’ (Part 1)



Cryptogram NN00-564563
From: Eugene
To: agness@star_conflict
Sent: Thursday, June 9
Subject: Crystal Cuckoo



Hello, dear Agness!


If this letter reaches you, I was able to slightly lift the information barrier, hanging over Ellydium. Since I am a mere system administrator, nobody tells me what is happening here. This is probably why they’re not paying much attention to me. Scientists are a different story. Do you remember my uncle Paul? The Doctor, the vet. I haven’t seen Him in a very long time. They made him to sign all sorts of non-disclosure documents too, when he was working on domestic Genmods for the Federation higher-ups. But it’s all different here. None of the maintenance staff have actually seen the local scientists.


But why would you care? I know that you are worried about me. I’m fine here, the food is delicious, the air is clean, and the station is completely secure. No, strangers don’t roam the local corridors. Ha-ha.


Of course, it’s scary working in close proximity to the assembly shop. Though, a weapons factory during a war is the safest place, right? Weapons, produced by the Corporation, looks very much like the Crystallid pictures that we saw. Can you imagine, they don’t really build it, they just grow the crystals on some frame. Sometimes it looks like these crystals are alive. Strange, is not it?


Many people here talk of Crystallids. A colleague told me over lunch that their ships have no pilots. That the whole alien ships — is the actual alien. I also heard that they know how to think, but aren’t really alive. They say they might even be some kind of drones. Can you imagine?


I can’t write about the weapons in detail, I’m sure you understand. But you’re going to see them soon yourself, on the news. They’re being prepared for sale on the market. The first batch will go to mercenaries. I can say they look like nothing you have seen before.


As far as I know, this is just the beginning. They are working with alien technologies very closely. I can not imagine what will happen next.


With love,
Your Eugene.


P.S. Looking forward to your speedy reply!

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