Operation ‘Crystal Cuckoo’ (Part 2)


Cryptogram NN00-564563
From: Eugene
To: agness@star_conflict
Sent: Tuesday, June 21.
Subject: Crystal Cuckoo



Cuckoo, dear Agnes!


I am doing fine. My probation period ends soon. If all goes according to plan, I'll get a promotion. It's great, right?


Research here is in full swing. They say that the first batch of alien tech weapons went to mercenaries. There's no point even thinking about vacation sooner than in a week! It's good that we can still talk here. Yusuf (my new scientist friend) hasn't heard about his family for several months. Darling, could you find out how his wife is doing? I think Shelby is their last name. If you manage to find them, let me know.


The new gun they're developing deals kinetic damage if I understood Yusuf correctly. And it's not the latest version! Sealed laboratories, shielded walls, many people complain of headaches, and sometimes — hallucinations. Holy smoke, even I visited the station doctor just in case, and we started talking. People here are agitated, some believe this EM radiation affects the brain, others think that it's the Alien tech, but I'm sure there's no reason to worry.


P.S. How's our doggy Caesar doing?


With love,
Your Eugene.

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