The Invasion's history (Part 1)

These days we celebrate our birthday. Our project Star Conflict is now three years old. It was a difficult path of space exploration. Of heated battles in the game, discussions on the forums and in social networks. The game has come a long way from the original idea to the Alien invasion. From PvP battles between players to sector control struggle and huge powerful corporations. But it’s not just a world, where pilots are fighting each other, completing missions and exploring ship tech branches. The plot plays a major role in our project. It's time to talk about what is really happening in our border sectors.

In the last days of 4614, the border sectors were suddenly attacked by Aliens. They were not just probing the defenses like in the Fall. No, the gloves were off.

The Aliens did not just hit the border sectors. The blow fell on almost all of mankind’s systems. It was sudden and powerful. In many ways, it was unexpected because of Cyber activity. Their cells have activated a number of large and small signal emitters attracting Aliens.

As a result, Aliens were able to get to the most remote systems of mankind’s space. Cybers supported their new masters and stabbed us in the back.

The forces of the Empire and the Federation were crushed and stretched across the area, protecting important industrial systems. Anarchy set in. It was every man for himself. Only the fittest survive.

Here is the current situation in terms of the plot in our game. Everyone’s curious — what’s going to happen next. But firstt, we suggest looking back to see what has led to this situation. A year ago nobody even heard about the invasion...

It all started with discovering systems with the remains of a mighty civilization of Precursors. Three major forces in the galaxy — the Empire, the Federation and Jericho — started fightingt for the possession of knowledge of this bygone supercivilization.

At the same time fleet command became greatly concerned that sometimes the scouts stumbled upon ruined stations in their search. However, those were just unremarkable colonist settlements, without any signs of Alien structures.

Fearing a stab in the back, and not wanting to risk combat squads, all races decided to refrain from sending large fleets to these anomalous zones. Under these conditions, services of mercenaries and military pilots wishing to risk their heads in search of mysterious artifacts, a legacy of bygone civilizations, became particularly valuable.

Mercenaries flooded the border sectors, ready to do anything just to get artifacts and sell them for profit. The first samples obtained in the remains of an Alien civilization did not give an understanding of the essence of a vanished race. The underlying technology of these artifacts turned out to be far superior to that known to mankind, and their purpose and mechanics baffled even the brightest scientists.

However, this delight the scientists, because it promised years and years of fascinating research. But even more delighted were those who love to make a quick credit. It was found that the content of Iridium, a very rare element in the Galaxy, in these samples exceeded the norm by a thousand times. Its price on the black market skyrocketed and dealers of all kinds started paying close attention to the new source of profit.

Three major races failed to peacefully divide the sector with artifacts and Alien structures. They tried to establish control over the sectors using the forming mercenary corporation. One corporation almost managed to capture the entire sector for the glory of the Federation!

The situation began to deteriorate gradually, under various pretexts all the governments started to increase their military strength. Gloom anticipation of a great war loomed over the Universe.

To be continued...

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