Monolith has come alive


Top secret


AAA access personnel only
Cryptogram SN55-754DS
Response to cryptogram SN54-754DS from July 16


From: Orlando Hector. Status: Observer
To: Highest Circle. Mendez Family


Monolith has come alive. Once again we are receiving messages from automated systems of the orbital city. Sensors show that the infection rate dropped to acceptable levels. An unmanned probe, launched through the gate NG532, confirmed this data. In addition, the sector seen a large concentration of ships of unknown origin. They must belong to aliens and biomorphs, but the presence of cybers and pirates is also possible.


I remind you that this sector of the Antares system is still at RED quarantine level, and all human spaceflights are banned. Sooner or later, the Federation and the Empire are going to send their scouts. If our operations are disclosed, it will happen immediately. In addition, I remind you about the object to reported in cryptogram SN54-754DS from July 16. If the rumours are true, you can imagine what will happen if it’s detected. And this is just an artifact that we are aware of. Who knows what else the Liu hid in laboratories and storage of the Monolith.Besides, we can not let any of these objects to fall into the hands of Revenants.


I propose to reduce the level of quarantine to ORANGE and thus give mercenaries access to the sector. This is a drastic measure, but we can win some time and send several extraction groups to the Monolith.

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