‘Northstar’ First day in orbit


Logbook of Captain Robert Artego
Dreadnought ‘Northstar’
November 20th
17:34 STE
Entry ST24677



Today marks the second week of our little adventure and the first day in orbit of planet № 046253. During the flight I’d decided to give it my own name, but changed my mind as soon as I saw it. It was truly terrible. From the deck I could clearly see ancient ruins on the surface. Maybe it used to be a city once, with a web of highways around it. Feels like the lights of this alien city might come on at any moment. But who knows what it really is. We are now deep in Alien space. I should remember that everything here is dead. And whatever isn’t immediately tries to kill us.


Dr. Pavlov is preparing the expedition. Most likely, the ruins extend many kilometers deep, although I could be wrong.


The sensors do not show any danger. We keep the ship in the shadow of the planet, and we have not been detected yet. I believe that Dr. Pavlov and his team can be given permission to descend to the surface. Let's hope he finds what he's looking for, and we can leave this gloomy place as soon as possible.


End of message.

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