‘Northstar’ Bion descent


Logbook of Captain Robert Artego
Dreadnought ‘Northstar’
November 27
03:12 STE 
Entry ST27011



We spent some time in radio silence mode. Quite a large cluster of Crystallids passed very close to us — they stretched in an emerald ribbon somewhere on the border of visibility, and then disappeared. If the navigator did not confirm my observations, I would have thought it was just a dream. Every day I feel growing anxiety in the team... and myself. It’s the planet. Something is wrong with it.


Pavlov contacted us. I couldn’t make out half of his words. The data packets are yet to be decrypted by the corporation’s scientists, but from what I understand, the ruins extend very deep underground. Pavlov’s team continues the descent. So far without incidents.


The planet has a hollow structure inside. Evidence suggests that it used to have incredible deposits of Iridium, but it’s all been mined clean.


The doctor himself keeps talking about some dying organism called Bion and the structure of the planet. He can’t be saying that this organism — is the planet itself? But it looks like that's exactly what he means. Pavlov says that Alien designs... I mean design, is something like an implant.


At the moment I'm unable to draw definitive conclusions about the data.


End of message.

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